Monday, December 31, 2012

Bedroom Update

We have made a couple of changes to our bedroom since my last post.  

The first major change was getting a king size bed.  Best decision ever! We are on the hunt for a headboard, but I keep going back and forth about making one.  That won't happen for a while... 

We also added new window treatments.  I am so happy with the ones we got from Ikea.  They are thick and nice and such a good price for the quality.  Good job Sweden.

A little side note about the rods-I bought them silver and spray painted them brass.  It's a more matte brass, so it's not like HEY 80s THANKS FOR BEING IN MY BEDROOM!

We also added the Ikea light. Ikea why are you so amazing??  My favorite thing about it is the shadows it adds.  
She's all pretty and dainty, and then you turn it on and boom, she's moody and awesome.

One of our favorite things about our house was how big the master bedroom is.  There is a nook for the bed and then on the opposite side a nook for another living area.  

In the living area I have a vintage tufted sofa, chair and tv.  Other than that, I haven't done much with it yet.  I need a lot of art work. So that's what's next on my list.  

The only artwork that we do have up are above each of our nightstands.  

They are from The Black Apple on Etsy.  I love her work.  What is weird and completely unintentional is that they have set the color scheme for the whole room.  I bought the orange throw the other day and noticed that everything was in the same color scheme as the two prints.  That subconscious is amazing!

Do you guys have any favorite Etsy shops for Art? If so send them my way! Etsy is my absolute favorite to buy art from.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hope everyone had the best Christmas yet. We plan on watching Home Alone tonight and crossing our fingers and toes for snow! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Walk in the Country

This weekend we went to visit with Evan's sweet grandparents.  They live out in the middle of the most beautiful country.  Their town is so tiny it doesn't even have a post office!  It's nice to escape the hustle and bustle of our lives and just take a walk to breathe in that nice cold air and forget about cell phone reception.

I also made chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles, which was a first) in my new dutch oven that my best friend Lyndi gave me for Christmas. The recipe was actually out of a cook book she made us for our wedding! Seriously such a good recipe.  

Life is cozy and I am thankful.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There is a ritual that happens right before Evan gets home from tour.  It usually involves a gallon of bleach,  pine sol, and some cranked up tunes.  Some people call it cleaning? I don't know anything about that! Just kidding...Kind of.

So last weekend was dedicated to cleaning and getting the house ready.  He hasn't been home for about a month in a half and flew in at night so I made sure all of the Christmas lights were on inside and outside.

I made him take the long way back so he could get the full effect and then showed him all of the decorations even though he has seen them a thousand times. He's a pretty good sport!

But at the end of the day it's not about all the twinkling lights and wrapping paper, it's about being together and enjoying our time, however long, together. 

Sending all of our love to Connecticut. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Finals

I decked the halls really quick right before Thanksgiving knowing that I had finals and huge projects lurking around the corner.  80 hours later I am down one major design project and moving on to the studying portion of this week. Yikes.  

I am looking forward to getting into the holiday spirit. Sipping hot cocoa, making paper snowflakes and taking a breather.  I had summer classes this year, so  I really haven't had a break since last December. 

 I am going to welcome Christmas break with open arms. And maybe a couple of naps!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Sofa

Not too long ago we bought a new sofa for our home.  This time around I researched and took about 5 months to find the perfect fit.  I thought it would be fun (and helpful!) to share some tips and tricks I learned along the way.  Some things I learned from working in the industry and others are mistakes (It happens, guys) I learned from.  Hope you enjoy!

Tip #1 

Decide on the style.

 I know, I know, kind of a given...But there are a lot more things to consider.  Do you like straight lines? Rolled arms? Lots of cushion? Search Pinterest. Look at your boards. I bet you've pinned a lot of similar looking sofas without even thinking about it!  Also factor in your home decor.  You may love retro style sofas, but have a more traditional styled space.  If you don't think it will mesh well in the "hey my home is so eclectic and and I don't even try way", don't do it.  You will be happier in the long run.  Cohesive is key. Don't rush this step, enjoy the process!

Tip #2


Measure your space. Then measure it again.  Don't forget the doorways! If you have a smaller home, don't try to cram a sectional in the space.  
Trick: Ask what a store's return policy is or if they offer an "on approval" service.  That way if you get the sofa in your space and it doesn't work you can send it back!

Tip #2

Make a checklist. 

 What did you love about your old sofa? What did you hate? If it is your first time buying a sofa ask around! Consider everything.  Do you have pets that like to sit on the top of the cushions? If so I would stay clear of cushions with polyfill.  Stick to foam inserts so you can avoid the indentions of your furry friend.  Will the sofa sit in direct light? A lighter color won't fade as bad. Some things will be deal breakers. When you are shopping and see a sofa you love, but on further inspection notice it features something that is a deal breaker for you-walk away! Just know that later down the road you will be complaining about it. Then pat yourself on the back because you have awesome will power.
Trick: One thing that was on my checklist were velcro attached seats.  I was pretty dead set on it until an employee told me I could take my sofa to an upholster or put the velcro on myself.  Not a deal breaker anymore!

Tip #3

Know what you are buying.

Here's the boring part, but the most important if you want a long lasting sofa: Avoid buying a sofa made from particleboard, plastic, or metal.  Eventually it will crack or warp.  The same rule of thumb goes for softer woods.  Kiln dried wood will last longer because there is less moisture in the wood.  The joints should be double doweled, corner blocked, glued and stapled for maximum support. 

Fabrics like leather or twill will last a long time and are easy to maintain.  A lot of people rave on microsuede, but personally I'm not a fan.  The fabric is clingy and always looks a little messy.  If you love it then go for it!  It's whatever works for you and your family!  Cotton and some synthetic fabrics will pill (annoying little balls) after a year. Fabrics such as linen, wool, or velvet are beautiful, but aren't as durable and are quite a bit more expensive.
Trick: If you find a sofa you like, go home and research the fabric it is made of. See what other people have to say about it's durability. It might save you a lot of heartache!

Know your guts. Low density foam is the least expensive but breaks down faster.  High resilient foam is more expensive and lasts longer.  Down is the most expensive and most comfortable, but you will be constantly fluffing it. It also might work the fiber through causing little feathers to escape at times.  

Tip #4

Take your time and don't settle!

It might take some time to find the sofa that works for you.  Don't rush into anything you aren't comfortable buying.  Employees want to sell it to you, and sometimes it can feel like you have to make the decision that day.  It's okay to tell them you need to take a weekend to think about it.  
Trick: I always ask for a business card.  If I end up buying the piece of furniture, I want them to get the commission.  They are putting in the time with you and deserve it!

Tip #5

There's always vintage.

I love the idea of buying a vintage sofa and then getting it reupholstered in an amazing fabric that I get to choose. It's a little scary though.  You might not know what the upholster will charge.  If you find something and that's the case, email them a picture and ask for a quote.  Don't forget to factor in fabric too.  It can get pricer than you might think.

Tip #6

Have fun.

Furniture shopping should be fun! If your main squeeze hates it then leave them at home.  Grab a buddy instead.  You will have more fun because you won't be worrying about them.  That doesn't mean buy it without them (unless they don't care and in that case high five), just go look.  I never took my husband (my mom usually went) with me unless it made it into the final round and I needed his approval.

A sofa is the main piece to the living room.  Not to mention it can get expensive!  If you have a system you will be so much happier with your purchase.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sofa Saga

Recently we had a little bit of a sofa debacle.  Let me just start from the very beginning. 

When we first got engaged we started looking at furniture. It was an exciting time and I was just so ready to start "nesting" that I was in a rush. We had limited funds and ended up buying the first thing we laid eyes on at a discount furniture place.  It was a chocolate micro suede sofa and a matching chair and a half for a deal. We were so excited!

Fast forward a couple of months later to the furniture place delivering what we bought.  After tearing off the plastic I noticed that there were two places where the fabric was ripped. One place was a cushion and the other was along the spine of the sofa. Kind of a bummer. We had bought the insurance so everything was fine, right? I called Evan (he was on tour) and had him contact them to have someone come out to fix it.

They never did. We had to take the cushion in and fight them tooth and nail to get it fixed. But the spine stayed that way. Really annoying.And in my anger I started noticing other things...

I hated the micro suede. It was really thin fabric. I also had to brush it in one direction to get rid of the butt prints.

The scale was off. Way too big.

The chair and a half was awkward for people. "Oh you guys just met? Sit really close to each other on that chair and a half over there." 

The cushions were polyfill. So I had to massage all the lumps out of them. The sofa always looked sloppy. 

I'm not a chocolate fabric kinda gal.

Poor Evan. I was a monster. I hated our furniture. It just made me so mad that we spent so much money on something that didn't work for us.  Part of it was my fault for rushing into things.  Two and a half years later, Evan gave me the go ahead to buy a new sofa.  But there were restrictions.  I had to do my homework and I had to like it for two months before we bought it.  

So that's what I did. I knew I wanted a dark gray sofa with great lines and good bones.  I researched the best kind of construction and type of woods for a sofa. I looked in all the stores and found one that I loved. Two months later, I still loved it.  When I went to go check on the sofa the designer told me it was in the process of being discontinued.  He pointed me in the direction of another one that they had just put on the floor.

It was the perfect color and style.  When I sat in it I just knew it was the one.  In the time being, I convinced Evan to sell our old furniture on craigslist because my parent's had a sofa they had just bought but had changed their minds on.  When we were done with it, we would sell that one on craigslist too.

Two months later I was still in love.  So Evan sold my parent's sofa and went to go order the dream sofa.  When he came back he had bad news.  The store didn't have any in stock and it would be until May 2013 until they got more in. They didn't have any online either.

So I started the search again.  I just couldn't get over that sofa.  Even though we just had a bunch of chairs in our living room and we were laying on the floor to watch tv.  It is also really hard to find contemporary furniture in Springfield.  And custom ordering one online was out of the question. 

But I wasn't going to settle. I didn't want to regret anything we bought this time.  The no-sofa-100-chair living room has been going strong for a month now.  This week  (at 3 am!) I randomly checked online for the dream sofa, knowing it wouldn't be in stock. 

It was though. I refreshed the page. Still there. I called Evan to tell him the most exciting news of the year. He wasn't so excited, mainly because it was 3 am.  I am a crazy person!
The next day, my sweet husband called to tell me he had placed the order. We aren't sure when it will be delivered, but I am beyond excited to see this baby in our home! It's taken 5 months to get to this place, but well worth the wait.  I know it's just a sofa, but it is the heart of the living room.  You sit, lay, read, eat, and snuggle on that thing!

I never thought I would feel so passionate about a sofa, but judging by how much I typed (sorry!) I guess I do!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After a While Crocodile

I took my better half to the airport yesterday, so I am in a little bit of a funk.  Evan calls it my "mourning week" ha!  It's just an adjusting period where I mope around until I get into a different routine. I've already made a to do list of things I want to get done around the house to help pass the time. 

That guy works hard. I am lucky to be his girl. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

new bike

I have been wanting to get a bike for a while now. Evan recently found a new (to me) bicycle that tickled my fancy right before my birthday. The day we picked it up we rode to the record store and back, just to test the waters. And you know that old saying "it's just like riding a bike"? It doesn't really apply to me.

 I am terrible.

Like the afraid to go over a curve kind of terrible.

 Someone should make up a saying "it's just like roller skating" because then that would be more up my alley. I still am a pretty mean skater. But bikes? No, not really. But I am practicing. The other day we rode to the mall to practice in the parking lot. I need all the practice I can get! Evan made a little video. I filmed him for 2 seconds and then almost bit it.

So here's to trying! My guy leaves on Monday for almost two months, so hopefully the following days will go by at a slower pace. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I decided on these chairs for our table and holy smokes I am in love with them.  Their shape is perfect! They are really comfortable too.

 I still can't get over that table either. 

It is a lot darker than I thought it would be compared to our floors...So I am going to keep it the way it is. Which I feel better about because I was conflicted about painting it! 

It really is fun to see everything come together!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Let Them Eat Pie

On Saturday we had our annual  pie social with friends.  We had it a little early this year because Evan leaves for tour next week and won't be back until December. Which is a bummer, but I am trying not to think about it. So... back to pie!

    Guys, seriously, so much pie.  It is the stuff dreams are made of. 

Kyle and Lyndi. Kyle wins the best dressed award and best 1950's dance moves award for the night.


Kate made a brown butter pear pie. Such a great pie. I am craving it now.

Lyndi made Chicken Pot Pie (above) and Caramelized onion. She is the queen of savory pies!

And then this is where the pictures end because I started eating all the pie and lets just say I was more than distracted. Elated and distracted! Not much tops pie, coffee, and great friends.  

Next year we decided we are going to make a mixed tape with only pie songs on it. So excited for that! I am already looking forward to next year. 

I am thankful for sweet friends and family, the sound of laughter in our home, and of course pie.

*Thank you sweet friends who brought pie! Here is a list of "What kind of pie, and who's it by"
Cherry brought by Dusty, Squash brought by Lacy, Peanut Butter brought by Catie and Mike, Carmel Apple brought by Morganne, Apple and Pear brought by Carly, Oreo brought by Sarah and Caleb, Chicken Pot Pie and Caramelized Onion brought by Lyndi and Kyle, and Browned Butter Pear by Kate.*

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fell Down the Hill

Happy Halloween from Jack and Jill! 
I am still getting leaves out of my hair. ha! 
Hope your night is filled with spooks and lots of Kit Kats!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My sister and brother in law recently moved back to Springfield and my weekends seem to be fuller. In a really good way.

This weekend was full of haunted hay rides and craigslist deals. On Saturday night we went to a little farm for a hay ride with all of my little cousins. My aunt actually remembers taking me to that same one when I was little. So crazy! We then went to my parent's house for a cozy bonfire and s'mores. It was the perfect fall day.

And then on Sunday I picked up this bad boy.

And these too.

A danish modern table and 7 chairs for $150.  Kinda awesome right? 

I have been wanting a round kitchen table for a while. I actually had been eyeing something similar. The one we had just took up too much space and we never sat at it because it was a tall table. My aunt had sent me the link on Friday and I had thought about it all weekend and then finally made the call. 

Then I grabbed a friend and drove Evan's truck to pick up my score. The lady had originally said there where 5 chairs and when we got there she had found two more. whoo!

I am going to paint the table a colonial navy color just because the wood is too close in color to our wood floor in a bad way.

I've heard somewhere that you shouldn't paint furniture if it is over 50 years old. How do you guys feel about it? I am on the fence...But I really feel like navy when compliment the shape and keep the integrity of the table.

And then there are the chairs. Dang. So many. So beautiful, but I feel like pairing them with the table is a little too funky/retro for me. Plus they need reupholstered and refinished. That's a lot of work for something I am not so sure about. So we are craigslisting them. 

These are the chairs I am leaning towards. 


Haven't decided yet, but I am going to take my time. I could keep four of the chairs that came with the table and fix em up in the mean time. Maybe they will be done by Christmas! Ha.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I turned 24 on 10/11/12 and it was honestly the best birthday I have ever had. First off, I mean 10/11/12?! That is cooler than cool. Evan was home for the first time ever on my birthday. One year I flew out to visit him on tour and celebrated my birthday in Idaho on a Sunday..Another year he left on my birthday around 11 a.m. So it was a pretty big deal to have him home this year. I guess this is where I throw in the #tourlife? No? ok...

Another big deal was that after work I got to celebrate with my whole family. My sister actually moved back home after 8 years of living/going to college in another state. Man I have missed her. So we went out to the movies and dinner.

It gets better...

On the weekend Evan surprised me by inviting all of our friends to a roller skating-pizza party.

It was a blast. At the end of the night the mr told me that was the most fun he has ever had. He is so dang cute.  I am one lucky gal.

*Cheers to being 24!*

Monday, October 15, 2012

The annual Kentucky trip happened last week, and let me tell you it was much needed. It was nice to throw caution to the wind and just go. Forget school. Forget work.

My aunt lives in a little town called Elkton and it is seriously the cutest place ever. All the homes are decorated to the nines, every one knows each other, and and they have amazing antique stores. Cue this baby.

A vintage capiz shell chandelier. With brass details! Only $62! 

I'd like to say there was no question in snapping this baby up. But that would be a lie. She is big, and fragile. But after summoning my aunts, googling the standard height for a dining table, having Evan measure our ceiling to floor height, and then asking the antique store for a tape measure I pulled the trigger. 

I am happy to report she traveled well. All I have to do now is run a light down the center and have the electrician come and install it. 

Hopefully it all works according to plan!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


These last few months I have really been thinking about buying things to fill up a room vs buying things that you truly love.  When we first bought our house I felt like everything needed to be done asap. So I started a bad habit. I bought things that I liked, but without purpose.  I hung up pictures to fill bare walls. And then I started looking around and I was surrounded by stuff. It worked in the space just fine, but it was stuff to fill up a house. I just didn't love it. And I really want to love everything in my home. 

Here's another story about this bad habit...When we were first engaged Evan and I bought a sofa and chair at a really cheap furniture place in town. I wasn't sure of my style and he liked it so I was like YES we love it! But then fast forward 6 months when they delivered them to our apartment and they arrived ripped. Then I started to notice the scale, color, and fabric just didn't work.  I have hated those things ever since. My mom told me it always takes one sofa and then you figure it out. 

I think it is starting to finally click. I need to slow down and really think about what I want and then search for it. If it takes two years to find that perfect sofa, it takes two years. 

So we had a garage sale last weekend and I really went through my home and got rid of the stuff that just wasn't working.  I seriously do feel better, even though I've got some bare walls.

I think it is really easy to get caught up in the "I will buy it because my house is empty" syndrome.  I love the design process. I mean, I love it so much that I am making it my career. I want my home to reflect that. What do you guys think? Are you on the same page, or do you have a different design philosophy? I would love to hear it!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Evan flew out on Friday for a weekend show in Colorado, so that of course means that I have been shopping online and looking at Pinterest way too much tonight. Then I saw this pin that my friend Lindsay posted.

They are called long distance pillows and light up when your loved one is sleeping and lets you hear their heartbeat. So of course after watching the video on them I cried. It is just so sweet. And of course they are just a prototype or I would've already ordered them.

He is due to leave for a big tour in October.  Needless to say I am getting spoiled having him home so much. These would come in handy when he leaves! Gosh that boy..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recently I did a little bit of thrifting and found some Readers Digest books for $2.50 a piece, which is a steal considering how pretty they are.  Books are the best for decorating.  They add height, interest or a pop of color to a vignette.  So if they are cheap and pretty, you know I am going to buy all of them.  Sadly there were only three.

My haul. 
Side note- I am completely obsessed with these John and Jackie Kennedy busts. I just want to look at them all the time. I can't explain it.


I checked Etsy and found some pretty good deals on them. Of course it's a bit more for shipping and handling, but not horrible.

Pattern and color! 

This listing price is for one book and you can choose the colors. They look fun stacked like this. If you are wanting to do the color coordinating thing for your book shelf, these are a good starting point.

These little ladies are from the 50's. The pastels/patterns are beyond beautiful. 

I am going to be forever searching for these now!  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

paper crane mobile

Today is my favorite kind of day. A little bit of lazy, a little bit of fall weather, a good visit from my cousin and a little project to help me not feel guilty for being lazy.

I remember crying in 6th grade when my teacher read 1,000 paper cranes. Ever since then I have had a fondness for them. I used to have a bunch hanging from the ceiling before I got married. 

Then the movie 500 Days of Summer came out and I remember being in love with this scene.

And I needed to make it. But I never did. 

Then I got mail from a sweet friend. When I opened the card a bunch of tiny paper cranes fell out of it.

It was a sign that I needed some paper cranes in my life. So I started folding. Well first I watched a video to jog my memory and then I started folding. I had some left over Japanese paper that I used, but I am sure scrapbook paper would work great too. 

Basically all you need are some cranes, a branch, fishing line, a pot, rocks to secure the limb and a needle. 

After you fold the cranes you just thread the needle with fishing line and then thread the line through each crane and tie them to the branch. I hung them at varying heights. You know, to spice it up a bit.

After that I stuck the mobile into the flower pot and filled it in with rocks. 

Easy peasy.

I made it on our front porch while Evan crept Craigslist for guitars. I love how a little breeze will make the paper cranes "fly". It turned out to be a really simple and beautiful project!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our house is a huge work in progress! When I say that, I mean we don't have pictures hanging up in bathrooms or curtains hanging in other rooms. It is a little embarrassing, considering what I am going to school for.  But that's just it, I am a student! I am so busy, which takes away from projects at home.

Lately I have been looking at wallpaper for a wall in our living room.  The wall is angled and connected with the stairs, so I think a hit of wallpaper would really break up the space nicely.

Here are some ones I have had my eye on:

I love the whimsical feel it's got going on. It has just enough color to break up the space but not over power it.

This is a reproduction from 1926 which I love. All the colors are beautiful along with the design. I just love those giant grasshoppers! 

This wallpaper is super popular among the design world and I can see why. It has beautiful negative space, eye catching, and timeless. 

I actually ordered a sample of this and I am pretty smitten with it. At first I thought it might be a little too kiddish, but after hanging the sample on my wall, I think it is graphic and awesome.

I am still keeping my eyes peeled, but these are all in the running. I want something fun, but not too trendy. Also something that meshes well with my vintage/modern vibe I've got going on.  

What do you guys think? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Even though summer is halfway over (sorry!) it feels like it has finally started at our house. With the hubs home we have been jumping into summer head first. There has been swimming, scooter rides, southern style parties, snow cones and then more scooter rides. In between the days stuffed with summer catch up I have also been schooling and working at my new job. (at a design firm!! I am an intern, but still! Holy cow, so lucky) 

Needless to say we have been busy! But no complaints here guys, I swear. Actually I have some praises to sing.

To the husband: 
Thank you for always cleaning out the fridge/bleaching the shower at 12:30 am. You are neurotic and I love you. 

Thank you for rewiring my vintage lamps that I couldn't part with.  I am sorry for that burn on the carpet...  

To the postwoman:
Thank you for ringing the doorbell to tell us you loved our porch and how it's decorated.  That has been my project since it has gotten warmer, and you made my day! 

To Elton:
Thanks for licking my feet. I know it's weird that I love it so much. Also thanks for letting me snuggle you even though you'd rather not sometimes.

I feel like I should give everyone high fives too. I don't know, maybe I am on a sugar high from all of the snow cones! Whoo!