Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We break for pie

This Saturday we had our 3rd annual pie social ( Previous years here and here )  and I am still full. But if we are being honest here, I would eat all of these pies over and over again.  Like sneak to my fridge at midnight and eat them out of the pie dish with a fork.  That's how good they all were.  And I wouldn't recover before mentioned pie with foil after the midnight binge, I know Evan would want me to mention that.  Anyways...

 We had three guys join in and make a pie, and we were all really impressed.  So impressed that I dedicate this year to the boys! Good job!  We love you!  Dusty's pie has convinced me that sweet potato pie is better than pumpkin. Try his pie and you will agree!  Sorry ladies, he is taken by the sweetest girl on the planet.

I have really grown to adore this party.  I love how our home fills with sweet friends, laughter, and unlimited pie.  After everyone has left for the evening I just can't help but be so incredibly grateful.  

**Thank you to the sweet friends who brought pie! As tradition follows, here's a list of "What's the pie, Who is it by?" (In order of top pictures) Sweet Potato Shepard's pie brought by Blake, Oatmeal Cream Icebox brought by Kyle, Peach brought by Lyndi (she also brought her much requested Chicken Pot Pie), Pecan brought by Morganne, Sweet Potato brought by Dusty and Jasmine, Brown Butter Pear Pie brought by Kate and accompanied by honey Matt and Brandy, and Apple brought by Sarah!**  I made Caramel Pecan Pie, and dang. I am making it again because it was delicious!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Textured Vase DIY

Lately I've been wanting something a little bit more on trend in the vase world.  But I have 608 normal vases and Evan would make me sleep on the sofa if I bought another.  And it's cold there. So...  Enter the easiest vase redo of all time! 

You need: Sculpey bake clay, an old vase (or candle, that's what mine is) , spray paint, hot glue and liquid gilding.  You could do the regular gold leaf version, but I have been digging the liquid gilding lately.  It's less of a hassle. 

Work your clay into the shape you want.  Keep in mind that you want it to be flush with the glass.  I found that it was easier to stick the shapes on the glass when the clay was soft causing it to have a flat side.  That also makes it easier for gluing. 

Bake your shapes until the clay is hard.  Let the clay cool for around 20 minutes.  Then glue the clay shapes to the vase in a fun design or pattern.  There are so many things you can do! Or keep it fun and random.  After everything is dry, clear all the excess hot glue off and spray paint the vase.  Afterwards paint the shapes with the liquid gilding.  This is one of those projects where imperfection looks awesome.  So tell your craft anxiety to get out of town. Then high five yourself for how reckless you are.  

These babies are kind of addicting to make.  I love how textured they are.  And there are so many possibilities for their use!   They would be great for staging bookshelves, organizing makeup, or as a last minute gift.