Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Annual Pie Social

Last Saturday, Evan and I hosted our first annual pie social. We thought it would be fun to have all of our friends come over, bring a pie, and enjoy each other's company before the holidays kick into full gear.

I have never seen so much pie!

By the end of the night there were pies everywhere!

Kate's strawberry rhubarb pie, Lyndi's pecan pie, and Keeley's apple pie. I made a coconut cream pie, which was the first pie I've ever made. It was an adventure to say the least!

There was lots of laughing, pie, snuggling baby Charlotte, coffee, and over excited puppies to make it the perfect Saturday evening.

I am so thankful for these crazy people who are my friends, for a new cozy home to share, and my wonderful family. 

Tonight there are pies to be made again. Hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving.


  1. That was such a cool idea! I'll bet you were swimming in leftovers, haha

  2. haha yes! There were so many left overs, but they didn't last long!