Thursday, March 29, 2012

You know that feeling of looking forward to something on the calendar? Counting down the days, feeling the excitement build to where you think you could bust? I feel like this a lot. 

I get to see Evan this weekend and I am over the moon.  One thing I love about our marriage is that it always seems new.  We can't really get stuck in the motions because of his job.  When he is home I am always in a hurry to get home to see that guy.  When he is on tour I am counting down the months/weeks/days until he gets home or I get to come out and see him.

Then there are the days where I avoid the calendar because he is leaving.  That calendar is tricky. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yard stick coat rack diy

Last year on our girls trip to Kentucky I bought a bundle of vintage yard sticks from a sweet little old lady. They sat in my spare room for a good while, until I stumbled upon this image and knew that it was the perfect way to display them.

First, I had my dad cut the right size of wood to glue the yard sticks on.  I then stained the edges so the color would blend.  After the stain dried I glued the yard sticks to the wood base.  Some of them were larger, so they hung off the edge a little bit.  I cut the excess off with a Dremel.  After that, I (with the help of Mr. Bovee) drilled and screwed the hooks (found at Lowes) into place.  Pretty easy!

My favorite thing about it is that each yard stick says a city in Kentucky.  Now when I hang my coat up I will be reminded of some of my most favorite memories with my family.

I am itching to go on this years trip already!