Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our one year anniversary! It has seriously gone by so fast. I am so thankful for my loving husband and the life that we have started to build together.

We got married at Cave Springs Church, which is a little white church that is over 100 years old and is almost in my parent's back yard.  The ceremony was short and sweet, about 5 minutes.  After the vows were said and the kiss sealed the deal we danced down the isle to "The Love Shack". 

We held the reception in my parent's back yard.  There were lots of twinkling white lights and white pom-poms that filled the wedding tent.

( I think we made over 500 pom-poms, sheesh)

I made the design and the cake topper, and now Evan has it tattooed on his arm! We also included it on the guitar picks that were favors. We also had lots of candy and a cake buffet.  The lady who made our cake is 80 years old and it is seriously the best cake I have ever had. Yay for grannies.

We played lots of Frank Sinatra and danced under the gazebo. 
It was really great.

And that was only the start. 
I have learned so much in this past year and I know I will learn more.
Evan is bossy. I learned that. :)

But he is also my best friend. He appreciates how weird I am. He loves me unconditionally and he is the sweetest man I know. Nothing beats the feeling of running up to him at the airport and hugging him after he has been on tour for months.

Evan, you make me so happy. I am so lucky.

I love you buddy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Browsing my Etsy favorites

When I am really bored I like to revisit my Etsy favorites. I think you can tell a lot about your style by looking at your Etsy favs. So lets do a little self diagnostic...

I am a little bit of a "fancy old lady" kinda girl. I like doilies and ceramic birds. I have to watch myself sometimes with my grandma decorating tendencies. If I do well on my math final maybe I will treat myself to one of these beauties. Then I will have a tea party. 

I lean towards a lot of modern things. I like clean lines. All the walls in my house are some kind of shade of grey/gray. I love this branch, but touching porcelain makes me want to throw up. So I will just admire this little buddy.

I am an antique/thrifting kind of girl. There is nothing better than waking up early and combing an old barn or swap meet for little (or big) treasures. I would love to fill a fireplace with these beeswax candles. Seriously how cool are these?

Due to the fact that I am afraid of anything but grey/gray paint on my walls, I add color with a lot of art prints. Almost all of my art has came from Etsy. I especially love this print (even though it's not that colorful haha)  because my home is really wherever I am with Evan. Sometimes home is a cramped bunk on a tour bus, but it's worth it.

Here's a colorful one for you! 

I've had my eye on this for a while. It's old lady meets modern meets rustic. Perfect!

So those are just a few of my favorites in my archives. I like old, rustic things with a modern, granny twist. What would you diagnose yourself as?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom won't be home for Mother's Day. She is helping my sister, Maranda, adjust to her new life in Dallas, which is really exciting. But man I miss her. She is the best example of a mother and wife. She is loving, funny, and easy going. She is also extremely strong. This past year has been especially tough for her. Ever since I was in 8th grade she has battled eye cancer. She has been through radiation, chemo and countless surgeries. Through everything she has kept an amazing attitude and a wicked sense of humor. Last year, her little eye gave out. It was tired and had been through a lot. For a week my mom suffered unimaginable pain. When she finally went to the doctor, he told her that the inner structures had collapsed and it was time to remove the eye. We were so scared. But the surgery went great and she healed wonderful and now has a prothetic eye. I have my old mom back, she isn't in intense pain anymore and I can tell she is happier. She is beautiful and I am a lucky daughter. Especially when she teaches me lessons like keep a little mad money for yourself. Mad money is money you stash away for something you want. I remember her pulling this secret money out of random hiding places when I was younger. As I look back on those memories I realize she was using her "mad money" on back to school clothes for me and my sister. My plan this year is to save a little mad money and spend it on her. Happy Mother's day Hot Donna. I love you.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I have seen this wallpaper in several homes/apartments/lofts. And it is pretty amazing. But this is better, Katie and her boyfriend did this look entirely by hand, with (drum roll) sharpie! It looks so perfect in the hallway and they saved some serious cash. I think their version actually looks better than the wallpaper.

I also love that yellow chair in the picture. 

My dad surprised me by having our whole house painted. I am currently trapped in the bedroom for the next day or so, and then I will be trapped in the living room. He is also is having our cabinets painted white, which is huge for him. He is a true manly man who loves him some oak cabinets. I am pretty thankful to have an awesome dad, who is also a contractor!! High five for dads! I will post some pics when everything is done. I am really excited and slightly sick thanks to all the paint fumes. But it is totally worth it. Especially since the paint job will be better than anything I could do!