Friday, June 28, 2013

Around Here

Thankful it is Friday.  Evan and I plan to jam all of summer into the next two days.  He leaves on Tuesday for tour with the Jonas Brothers and won't be back until the middle of August.  Bleh.  There is a lot of scooter rides, snow cones, and front porch sitting in our future.  Happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ya! Housewarming gift

Recently one of my dear friends, Emily, moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend.  She has been so excited about getting into the space and making it a home. So of course a housewarming gift was in order.  

This summer I have been filling my house to the brim with plants.  And what is better than a little plant as a housewarming gift?  

I've been obsessed with these little gold dishes from Target and bought them up every time I saw them because they make the perfect pots.  Sorry if you kept trying to buy them and they were out of stock, it was me.  Guilty.  Seriously so pretty and $5 bones.  The bad news is that I think Target already stopped carrying them.  Why do you do that Target?! 

I picked out a little plant to add to a dish and then topped it off with the tag.  To make the tag I took a striped straw, cut it in half and then glued a vintage layaway tag on either side.  I topped it off with YA! which really describes my excitement for her! 

Such a fun and easy housewarming gift!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Golden Girl

Do you guys want to take a moment?

I know. Is it wrong to love a brass faucet with wild and reckless abandon? Because when I took this baby out of the box I fell head over heels.  At first I was apprehensive.  We checked all the places locally and had to turn to the internet.  Then after deciding between the hundreds of brass faucets I chose this one.  

I got cold feet.  I doubted it.  Would I get tired of it?  Would it look gaudy? Would it be too shiny? Too 90s?  But then I threw caution to the wind and ordered that bad boy.  We didn't spend all that money on my college education for me to just go the safe route.

Plus there is a return policy. 

I won't be returning this beauty.  I mean look at those knobs!  It is the perfect combo of vintage and modern.  I am glad that I went the brass route.  It brings in a lot of warmth, and often times bathrooms are kinda cold and sterile feeling.

We order the countertop on Friday and then it's a waiting game until it is done.  I'll probably just be staring at this faucet until they arrive.  I can't wait! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Headboard Party

A couple of weeks ago Evan and I were laying in bed talking about headboards.  I know, world changing coversation over at the Bovee house.  We had just went shopping for a bed set and were discouraged at the fact that all the styles we liked didn't use box springs and were pretty expensive.  So then I just casually mentioned that people make their own headboards all the time.

Then this happened the next day...

Threaten a man's wallet and he will move mountains.  Just kidding...But really.  Also don't mind the St. Patricks Day wreath. 

I came home from work and found him in the garage sawing away.  He followed the headboard tutorial from Young House Love and had all the woodwork done in a couple of hours.  We went to Joann's and got the batting with a 40% off coupon.  

What really took the longest was deciding on what fabric to go with.  In the end we chose a simple and  timeless greek key pattern.  I didn't want to do anything too crazy or colorful because we like to rotate colors a lot.  

The upholstery took about an hour.  We didn't do any tufting or nailhead trim.  Just kept it simple.  We could add that later if we decide we need to jazz it up.

Tada! The finished product!

It is super soft to prop your head against.  It's not perfect by any means but we are pretty in love with it.  I think in the end it cost around $50 to make it.  We had some of the wood already so that helped.

Now it is time for new pillows and lamps! I am going to casually mention a window seat for our little nook and see what happens. ha!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Noa's Nursery

My sister recently (Sunday!!) had a little girl who she named Noa Jun.  We are all pretty in love with that gal and it's been nothing but baby cuddling ever since.

Earlier this year, I helped my sister design Noa's nursery while I was in school and that was a doozy.  On top of 3 huge school projects there was also a real life project happening. Crazy.  I am crazy, you guys.

She had decided on a map theme a long time ago so we decided on pinks, blues, creamy oranges,  and gold accents.  We wanted elements of maps but not over done.  I chose this amazing Sherwin Williams color that is seriously the perfect minty blue. 

I used gold polka dots from Urban Walls and they totally make the nursery.  I used their triangles in my own guest bedroom and they are such an affordable way to jazz up the room.  The gold polka dots grab your eye when you walk by and pull you into the room.

The nursery is pretty small so I would take out the table, but more often than not function trumps design.  She needs a little table to put bottles/ her cell phone so the table stays!  If it makes her life easier as a new mom then I am all for 

Maranda (my sister) really loves elephants so we incorporated them as well.  I think they add a really sweet element.

It was really fun creating a space with my sister for someone so incredibly special.  The room is such a happy space for such a happy family.