Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pinterest Roundup

Pinterest. How do you say it? I have no idea. BUT I do know that I love it oh so much. For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinterest it is basically a sight that has a ton of pictures/inspiration. You can "pin" your favorite pictures to specific folders you make. It also links up to where the source where the pictures came from.  That way it gives credit and allows you to get more information. Seriously addicting.

Here are some of my favorites as of lately:


                                   I am in love with this quote

                            This dress is the best

                                                    Ruffle Cake

                                                     Dapper Man



Those are just a few of the photos that I have on my boards. The website also allows you to follow people's boards, so follow me (CaseyBovee) if you want to see more of what I am loving! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day!

It is pretty hot here in Missouri. Hot enough, we even broke down and bought a pool! We are getting ready to head out to Walnut Grove to have dinner with my family and celebrate father's day. As I get older, I keep getting closer and closer with my dad. I've realized that Evan and my dad are a lot alike...And I like that. He is the most kind and giving man. He values my mom and treats her like a husband should. One of my favorite things that he does (and he doesn't even realize he does it) is that he always is asking my mom if she has money. Most guys complain about their wives spending their money, my dad gladly does it. It's old fashioned and I love that he is like that. That's what he is like as a husband. As a dad, he is amazing. He is always taking care of "his girls." He is sweet although he won't admit it. To this day, he is always teaching me lessons.  As a teenager, I thought it was annoying. Now, I look forward to his advice and outlook because he is right! I am lucky for that. He has prepared me to be a smart and confident woman.

Dad, I love you so much. I am so thankful for your wonderful example and support. Thanks for putting up with my constant "home improvement ideas." You really are the greatest dad a daughter could have.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting stages

When we lived in our apartment, I reached a point where I would pass up things at thrift stores (I know! Crazy right?) because I felt like we were busting at the seams. Fast forward to now... There are so many walls that are bare, especially our poor bedroom. There are some signs of progress though.  Here's the bedroom before:

It's hard to tell in the photos, but the trim and doors were completely tan. So we had all the trim painted white. I chose an extremely pale gray color for the walls. I thought that a lighter color would make the room feel even bigger.  We still haven't hung up anything yet, but I am taking my time to really enjoy the process.  

So here's what I got so far....

This is the little nook where our bed goes. One of the things that sold us on the house was the bedroom. It is huge and has a lot of character. The house was built in 2004 (which Evan loved because it's new) BUT it has a lot of character (which is what I love).  

Here's my side of the bed. 

Here's Evan's side of the bed. That giant egg is another awesome thing from Evan's grandma. I put it there for a sweet little reminder before he goes to bed. :)

I got these awesome lamps from one of my favorite vendors at one of flea markets. They weren't even for sale, but it never hurts to ask! She told me that she got them from Portland over 20 years ago. I love vintage things especially when you know their story.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Collect : Painted Eggs

To sum this collection up, Evan's Grandma is awesome. She has done it all. When Evan was little, she got into birds. I'm not talking little baby birds. She raised fancy birds like Rheas, Peacocks, and Parrots. After they were old enough, she would sell them to zoos. So what the heck did she do with all those eggs??

She painted them. And they are freaking amazing.

Don't they look like those Easter egg gum balls? I've had to tell several people they aren't candy and to back away from these babies. I can't even imagine the time she spent doing these.

I wish I could've asked her about them, but sadly, she passed away and I found them in her room shortly after. She had them on toothpicks (probably made them easier to paint) so I clipped the toothpicks off and I display them in a sparkly nest.

They make me really happy and I know Evan thinks about her every time he sees them. 

This is a one of a kind collection from a one of a kind Grandma.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bathroom progress

My mom and I did start hanging pictures in the house, but it is hard because I am extremely picky and want everything to look perfect so I am taking my sweet time. The one room in the entire house that is starting to look good is the downstairs bathroom. Of course there are no wall hangings though!

(yes, that is clearly me, I am not good with photos.)

Can you see the paint color behind that giant mirror? It is "Mark Twain National Grey" or something like that from Valspar. I didn't know Mark Twain preferred a certain shade of grey, but I liked it and thought it was a good shade for the downstairs bathroom.

I finally found a mirror (actually my aunt sent me the craigslist link) to replace the sheet o' glass mirror, it is just a matter of hanging it up. I am kind of worried because it is heavy. But I love it.

I found this little corner shelf the other day at Relics. It is a little rough, and I originally got it for the kitchen to display cute dishes on it, but then found out that the vendor scotch taped the leg on. Liar! So I was a little leery to put my etched glasses on it. I think it works well in the bathroom though.

Oh yeah, that's the toilet and the shower. I love the shower curtain! My friend Morganne got it for us for our wedding. 

That is about it for the downstairs bathroom. Not much, but it is starting to come along little by little.

Friday, June 3, 2011

House update

Everything is starting to bloom over here at the new house. The giant bush in the front turned out to be pink and there are other plants and flowers that are supposed to bloom. It is exciting not knowing what it's going to do. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but one weird thing about our house is that there is no front entrance. Yes, there are doors, but there is no way to get to them. Supposedly (my dad says) it's an easy fix. So that is on the list. I know that we will use the front porch way more if there was an entrance. I just know it!

Also, the painting is completely done! It looks so much better. It really is amazing what paint can do. Everything feels much more open. Here's a sneak peak of the kitchen. The cabinets were originally oak?

Tadaaa!!! I will look for a before picture and post them back to back sometime. It looks so much better. If you look at the top of the cabinets, there is no trim. Drives Mike Davis (dad) nuts. So he is going to trim them. I don't think there is a post that goes by without the mention of my dad. It is pretty awesome to have a handy man contractor father.

It's been awhile

Remember me? Ok..good, I was worried.

Evan took us to The Crescent in Eureka, AR for our anniversary. The Crescent is an old hotel/hospital/finishing school that has some crazy history and is supposedly haunted. We went on the ghost tour that the hotel offered, which was actually interesting. I was kind of worried because we went on a ghost tour in Philidelphia (amazing) and one in Branson (worst ever) so you really never know what you are getting into with these babies. After being on three ghost tours I am going to make an educated guess and say that the more history the place has, the more interesting the ghostie tours are.

We went around the hotel trying to capture spirits on film. Evan swears a ghost touched his butt...I beg to differ. The hotel is pretty amazing. Actually, when we checked in, there was a wedding going on which was kind of a sweet reminder of what we were really celebrating. The next day we went shopping and explored Eureka Springs. There was some kind of festival that was going on and all the old houses had chinese lanterns all around their porches. It was the most beautiful thing at night. Sadly, it was storming too bad to take a picture. I am currently on the hunt for some for my porch. What a copy cat huh?

It was really fun. I am already wanting to head up there again!