Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been awhile

Remember me? Ok..good, I was worried.

Evan took us to The Crescent in Eureka, AR for our anniversary. The Crescent is an old hotel/hospital/finishing school that has some crazy history and is supposedly haunted. We went on the ghost tour that the hotel offered, which was actually interesting. I was kind of worried because we went on a ghost tour in Philidelphia (amazing) and one in Branson (worst ever) so you really never know what you are getting into with these babies. After being on three ghost tours I am going to make an educated guess and say that the more history the place has, the more interesting the ghostie tours are.

We went around the hotel trying to capture spirits on film. Evan swears a ghost touched his butt...I beg to differ. The hotel is pretty amazing. Actually, when we checked in, there was a wedding going on which was kind of a sweet reminder of what we were really celebrating. The next day we went shopping and explored Eureka Springs. There was some kind of festival that was going on and all the old houses had chinese lanterns all around their porches. It was the most beautiful thing at night. Sadly, it was storming too bad to take a picture. I am currently on the hunt for some for my porch. What a copy cat huh?

It was really fun. I am already wanting to head up there again!

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