Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Music Mancave & Vintage Furniture from Charish

Vintage Furniture from Charish

I've finally convinced (after many years of begging and pleading) Evan to let me design his music room.  It hasn't been touched since we moved in because he wanted to make it his own. Nothing really stuck. It was cluttered, random, and didn't function the way he needed it to.

So before we really start working on the room, I thought it would help ease his fears of change and put together a design board. We are huge fans of vintage furniture so when I came across Charish I knew it would be fun to use their pieces to create something that Evan would love.  Charish is an amazing website where design lovers can buy and sell vintage furniture, decor, jewelry and accessories to one another. It's also incredibly addicting!

My husband works in the music industry, and when he's not touring, he is doing something with guitars. Or friends are over recording. Or they came over to jam. Basically what I'm getting at is that there are a lot of dudes being loud and artsy and they need a room to encourage that.

We've established that it needs to be a space that inspires creativity. But it also needs to reflect my husband's personality, gain my approval, and fit with our overall aesthetic.  Luckily, we are huge fans of mixing in the old with the new to create something different and interesting.  Evan loves collecting vintage guitars and gear.  He also has a lot of memorabilia, so the space really needed to compliment all of his loves. Including me. ha!

When designing the music mancave I immediately thought of a beautiful antique rug. Most of his guitars are a variety of wood finishes and his drum set is white. So the red and orange tones in this one would compliment all of his gear really well. Plus, every music room needs a slammin' Persian rug. The curved, gray midcentury sofa practically begs for you to curl up and write sweet heartfelt indie songs with a 5 minute intro. The green chairs bring in an unexpected hit of color, provide extra seating for friends, and make my designer heart happy because they are Milo Baughman.  I want to marry them. So, there's that... The coffee table brings in much needed texture and the Art Deco dresser provides storage for strings and guitar parts. What guy doesn't want to store his tools in an Art Deco dresser, am I right?!

The art is not only really fun and graphic, but helps tie in the green chairs. I really like the Farrow & Ball Lotus wallpaper because it provides much needed drama and is a little unexpected. It works with the rug because it's dark, but the pattern has a more modern feel so it goes great with the sofa. The pillows add some cheeky personality and hint at the whole music vibe without just yelling "THE ROLLING STONES MAKE SENSE BEAUSE IT'S A MUSIC ROOM!" Finally I had to use the Brass Starburst Chandelier because it's a total conversation piece. It's the first thing that you will see, and you are going to want to talk about it! Or I will talk to you about it and tell you stories about why it completes me and makes me want to weep tears of joy.

After I was finished with the design, I showed Evan and he really did love it. So it is totally approved.  Just imagine guitars all over the place and me in the corner hugging one of the Milo Baughman chairs to complete the whole deal. It was a blast working with items from Charish to come up with a design that is fun and super unique.  I am a huge believer in vintage and it's ability to take your design to a whole different level!

*This was not a paid partnership opportunity-I really just love Charish and love Vintage Furniture!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bread Making-November

I've been working like crazy on a new venture with a dear friend (Lindsay from The Bungalow Nest ) called Coterie Creative and totally missed November here! And we will forget about missing baking an October bread. Can you count pies? I've made a lot of pies lately...

This bread is an Amish Cinnamon Bread & it is so easy. And super tasty. It makes a lot, so you can totally share with a friend. When I was thinking about a bread for November, I immediately thought of something with pumpkin. But lately, I have been burned out on pumpkin things! What?! I never thought that would happen! So my next thought was cinnamon which is such an amazing compliment to your early morning coffee. The top is a cinnamon sugar crust that makes you want to kiss a stranger.

I would've tried something a little harder and more involved, but I had one day left in November and really wanted to have this around the house! There is talk of freezing rain here, so this will be perfect for cold mornings. Just a warning to strangers walking down our street- I might bust out of my doors and plant one on your lips.