Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nice Bones.

Ignore the messy craft room

Oh yeah! I picked this little baby up at Funtiques on Wednesday. My aunt sent me a craigslist ad that had pictures of it and I had to make it mine. I went right after class, that way Evan couldn't talk me out of it. This chair is so solid and it quite comfy which surprised me. I LOVE chairs. Got some weird extra space in your home? Add a chair. My mom taught me that. She also taught me to sneak things in piece by piece and then put them up little by little in your home so your husband won't notice. Sheer genius.

I plan on reupholstering it, which I am excited/nervous because this will be my first ever reupholster project. Some people are absolutely against changing anything that is midcentury modern, which I understand. But that green fabric has got to go. It makes me think of a hospital.

Fabric ideas:

I plan on picking out the fabric sometime this week. Maybe I will make a tutorial, who knows?! Don't hold me to that...

In other news Evan goes to Wrestlemania this weekend and I am going to be crafting the whole weekend. My mom, Aunt Denise, and I are renting a flea market booth in Willard at this cute little tea shop that one of my friend's parents owns. They have cute handmade things in there as well as a bunch of awesome antiques. I love going to places outside of Springfield to find flea markets/thrift stores. It makes it seem more like a treasure hunt.

These are Easter villages that I am making for our booth. I will post pictures of them when they are all done! Do you like the aluminum foil? Classy huh?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We got one !!

On Sunday Evan and I where lounging around when I started looking at houses. We came across this little cutie and called our realtor to go look at it. 30 minutes later we were kind of in love. It had the charm that I like with the newness that Evan likes. Monday, my dad went to look at it with us and then an hour later we were putting an offer in. I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack, so nervous/excited. We didn't hear anything back from the owners until Tuesday, and when our realtor called she said that they had counter offered. We wanted to stick to our original offer, so we did. Then around 4 our realtor called and told us the news. WE GOT IT! We close April 17th! Here are the pics from the listing:

Front of the house


Living room

Master bedroom

You know I am going to paint it...The only thing I was sad about is the fact that the roof is green, because it makes the house look a little more country-ish. I always wanted a house with grey shutters and a yellow front door, and that would clash with the roof...Then I saw this picture:

Maybe a greenish door will work. In the other photos (I thought I saved them, but didn't) the house had a green roof too. Maybe a grey/gray door would work and kind of off set the country bunkin vibe. Not sure, any suggestions? 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Love

How pretty are these color pallets? I love pale, muted colors like the ones pictured below.

I have really started to love really stark white walls. It just looks so clean and modern. However, these colors really look modern without being to crazy/bold. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreaming of a house

Evan and I have been looking for a house since December and it feels like we are never going to find one. It is especially hard to look with him being on tour all the time. I found this really great house while he was gone and it was a short sale (which means the bank owns it) and was a great price. It was freaking beautiful, but because he wasn't home we didn't make an offer. Shortly after, it went under contract. We found another one while he was home and got a little too excited about it. My dad (who is a contractor) looked at it and told us that we needed to keep looking because it had so many problems.  So we kept looking. Shortly after we found another one. It was so cute and move in ready. We were going to make an offer and then discovered that there was a registered sex offender living across the street. So the search continues....unfortunately..

I want a bungalow style home like this:

Springfield has several of these styles, but they are in really awful locations. And if they aren't in a bad location, then they are out of our budget. The other style in Springfield that is popular is the ranch style house like this:

Not for me. No offense to anyone who lives in or loves the style, my dad told me it is the smartest design because it packs the most square footage. This home supposedly has 5 bedrooms. Dang!

Evan is getting increasingly bummed out because it feels like we will never find one. So today, we made a list of the things we want in a home.

My list: hardwood floors, big living room, a seperate dining room, and character. Lots of it please.

Evan's list: back yard, garage, space for band practice, and a room for his guitars. (basically manly things) He could care less about awesome entryways or built-ins.

I will not give up the fight. This is our first house, so I mean we can't possibly know everything we want in a home, so it will not be perfect. I just really want to paint and decorate and entertain. It is hard to do that in an apartment. So until that day comes I will just keep adding to my home inspiration folder on my laptop and search the local listings for that cute little bungalow with the front porch.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collect : Chalk Dogs

Some of my previous collections: rocks, Smackers chapstick, and scabs. Yes, scabs. When I had chickenpox, my mom caught me saving the scabs. Gross? Yes. Embarassing when my mom tells people the story? Yes. BUT I was four. That makes it better right? What I am trying to say is that I have been collecting things all my life and I don't think its going to stop. Things are better in numbers. I love collecting things so much that I am going to feature one of my collections once a week. I know, you are thinking what happens when I run out of collections to feature? Well...maybe I will just start a new collection. Up first....Chalk dogs!

How cute are these guys?! I just cant say no when I see one of these lonely pups in a flea market.

The chalk dog collection started with this little guy. I saw him at an outdoor flea market that my mom, aunt and I visit regularly.  I mean seriously, he has a pink scarf and goggles. How could you pass him up? I am assuming he is a salt or pepper shaker because of the hole at the top. Sadly, his mate was not with him. Which justifies me collecting more chalk dogs.

My mom found the tall brown dog somewhere in Branson. She told me he looked lonely and needed a home.  Like mother like daughter. I found the little chalk dog at my favorite flea market. 

So there's the pack! I only have three right now. They are kind of hard to find, which makes them that much more fun to collect. I love the hunting aspect of thrifting/collecting. It is the best rush ever. What do you like to collect? 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Todays finds

(puppy not included)

Today my mom came over and we had some time to go to one of my favorite thrift stores. It is right by our apartment and I always find the best things.

I love decorating for holidays. So this little bunny had to come home with me. I think he was originally a candy container. 

Creepy? Nah. She is a wire hat holder..When we were walking around in the thrift store this little old lady saw her and kind of shouted "oh I love your lady! What kind of hat are you gonna put on her?" I knew it was a good buy then. Please excuse the photos, I am not the best photographer. I hope to get better!