Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collect : Chalk Dogs

Some of my previous collections: rocks, Smackers chapstick, and scabs. Yes, scabs. When I had chickenpox, my mom caught me saving the scabs. Gross? Yes. Embarassing when my mom tells people the story? Yes. BUT I was four. That makes it better right? What I am trying to say is that I have been collecting things all my life and I don't think its going to stop. Things are better in numbers. I love collecting things so much that I am going to feature one of my collections once a week. I know, you are thinking what happens when I run out of collections to feature? Well...maybe I will just start a new collection. Up first....Chalk dogs!

How cute are these guys?! I just cant say no when I see one of these lonely pups in a flea market.

The chalk dog collection started with this little guy. I saw him at an outdoor flea market that my mom, aunt and I visit regularly.  I mean seriously, he has a pink scarf and goggles. How could you pass him up? I am assuming he is a salt or pepper shaker because of the hole at the top. Sadly, his mate was not with him. Which justifies me collecting more chalk dogs.

My mom found the tall brown dog somewhere in Branson. She told me he looked lonely and needed a home.  Like mother like daughter. I found the little chalk dog at my favorite flea market. 

So there's the pack! I only have three right now. They are kind of hard to find, which makes them that much more fun to collect. I love the hunting aspect of thrifting/collecting. It is the best rush ever. What do you like to collect? 

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