Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We got one !!

On Sunday Evan and I where lounging around when I started looking at houses. We came across this little cutie and called our realtor to go look at it. 30 minutes later we were kind of in love. It had the charm that I like with the newness that Evan likes. Monday, my dad went to look at it with us and then an hour later we were putting an offer in. I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack, so nervous/excited. We didn't hear anything back from the owners until Tuesday, and when our realtor called she said that they had counter offered. We wanted to stick to our original offer, so we did. Then around 4 our realtor called and told us the news. WE GOT IT! We close April 17th! Here are the pics from the listing:

Front of the house


Living room

Master bedroom

You know I am going to paint it...The only thing I was sad about is the fact that the roof is green, because it makes the house look a little more country-ish. I always wanted a house with grey shutters and a yellow front door, and that would clash with the roof...Then I saw this picture:

Maybe a greenish door will work. In the other photos (I thought I saved them, but didn't) the house had a green roof too. Maybe a grey/gray door would work and kind of off set the country bunkin vibe. Not sure, any suggestions? 


  1. so exciting!! decorating is going to be so much fun! and i think you could totally pull of the gray shutters and yellow door. very cute. :)

  2. i have driven by the house 17 times in the past 4 days and have not noticed that the roof was green. so you should try gray/yellow. i love those colors. :)

  3. Anna- I am pretty excited. We need to go on some thrifting trips soon!! Get ready for summer bbqs at the new crib!!

    Lyndi- I am glad that you keep driving by it. yayayaya neighbors! I hope Evan lets me paint the door, if not I will just paint it when he is gone..:)