Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nice Bones.

Ignore the messy craft room

Oh yeah! I picked this little baby up at Funtiques on Wednesday. My aunt sent me a craigslist ad that had pictures of it and I had to make it mine. I went right after class, that way Evan couldn't talk me out of it. This chair is so solid and it quite comfy which surprised me. I LOVE chairs. Got some weird extra space in your home? Add a chair. My mom taught me that. She also taught me to sneak things in piece by piece and then put them up little by little in your home so your husband won't notice. Sheer genius.

I plan on reupholstering it, which I am excited/nervous because this will be my first ever reupholster project. Some people are absolutely against changing anything that is midcentury modern, which I understand. But that green fabric has got to go. It makes me think of a hospital.

Fabric ideas:

I plan on picking out the fabric sometime this week. Maybe I will make a tutorial, who knows?! Don't hold me to that...

In other news Evan goes to Wrestlemania this weekend and I am going to be crafting the whole weekend. My mom, Aunt Denise, and I are renting a flea market booth in Willard at this cute little tea shop that one of my friend's parents owns. They have cute handmade things in there as well as a bunch of awesome antiques. I love going to places outside of Springfield to find flea markets/thrift stores. It makes it seem more like a treasure hunt.

These are Easter villages that I am making for our booth. I will post pictures of them when they are all done! Do you like the aluminum foil? Classy huh?

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  1. Use the chevron fabric! Do it! Do it! and are you going to put a village in your apt? Because you could put your creepy bunny in it to act like the giant mutant taking over the city. Just an idea.