Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreaming of a house

Evan and I have been looking for a house since December and it feels like we are never going to find one. It is especially hard to look with him being on tour all the time. I found this really great house while he was gone and it was a short sale (which means the bank owns it) and was a great price. It was freaking beautiful, but because he wasn't home we didn't make an offer. Shortly after, it went under contract. We found another one while he was home and got a little too excited about it. My dad (who is a contractor) looked at it and told us that we needed to keep looking because it had so many problems.  So we kept looking. Shortly after we found another one. It was so cute and move in ready. We were going to make an offer and then discovered that there was a registered sex offender living across the street. So the search continues....unfortunately..

I want a bungalow style home like this:

Springfield has several of these styles, but they are in really awful locations. And if they aren't in a bad location, then they are out of our budget. The other style in Springfield that is popular is the ranch style house like this:

Not for me. No offense to anyone who lives in or loves the style, my dad told me it is the smartest design because it packs the most square footage. This home supposedly has 5 bedrooms. Dang!

Evan is getting increasingly bummed out because it feels like we will never find one. So today, we made a list of the things we want in a home.

My list: hardwood floors, big living room, a seperate dining room, and character. Lots of it please.

Evan's list: back yard, garage, space for band practice, and a room for his guitars. (basically manly things) He could care less about awesome entryways or built-ins.

I will not give up the fight. This is our first house, so I mean we can't possibly know everything we want in a home, so it will not be perfect. I just really want to paint and decorate and entertain. It is hard to do that in an apartment. So until that day comes I will just keep adding to my home inspiration folder on my laptop and search the local listings for that cute little bungalow with the front porch.

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