Wednesday, September 26, 2012


These last few months I have really been thinking about buying things to fill up a room vs buying things that you truly love.  When we first bought our house I felt like everything needed to be done asap. So I started a bad habit. I bought things that I liked, but without purpose.  I hung up pictures to fill bare walls. And then I started looking around and I was surrounded by stuff. It worked in the space just fine, but it was stuff to fill up a house. I just didn't love it. And I really want to love everything in my home. 

Here's another story about this bad habit...When we were first engaged Evan and I bought a sofa and chair at a really cheap furniture place in town. I wasn't sure of my style and he liked it so I was like YES we love it! But then fast forward 6 months when they delivered them to our apartment and they arrived ripped. Then I started to notice the scale, color, and fabric just didn't work.  I have hated those things ever since. My mom told me it always takes one sofa and then you figure it out. 

I think it is starting to finally click. I need to slow down and really think about what I want and then search for it. If it takes two years to find that perfect sofa, it takes two years. 

So we had a garage sale last weekend and I really went through my home and got rid of the stuff that just wasn't working.  I seriously do feel better, even though I've got some bare walls.

I think it is really easy to get caught up in the "I will buy it because my house is empty" syndrome.  I love the design process. I mean, I love it so much that I am making it my career. I want my home to reflect that. What do you guys think? Are you on the same page, or do you have a different design philosophy? I would love to hear it!