Monday, December 1, 2014

Bread Making-November

I've been working like crazy on a new venture with a dear friend (Lindsay from The Bungalow Nest ) called Coterie Creative and totally missed November here! And we will forget about missing baking an October bread. Can you count pies? I've made a lot of pies lately...

This bread is an Amish Cinnamon Bread & it is so easy. And super tasty. It makes a lot, so you can totally share with a friend. When I was thinking about a bread for November, I immediately thought of something with pumpkin. But lately, I have been burned out on pumpkin things! What?! I never thought that would happen! So my next thought was cinnamon which is such an amazing compliment to your early morning coffee. The top is a cinnamon sugar crust that makes you want to kiss a stranger.

I would've tried something a little harder and more involved, but I had one day left in November and really wanted to have this around the house! There is talk of freezing rain here, so this will be perfect for cold mornings. Just a warning to strangers walking down our street- I might bust out of my doors and plant one on your lips.

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