Monday, June 6, 2011

Collect : Painted Eggs

To sum this collection up, Evan's Grandma is awesome. She has done it all. When Evan was little, she got into birds. I'm not talking little baby birds. She raised fancy birds like Rheas, Peacocks, and Parrots. After they were old enough, she would sell them to zoos. So what the heck did she do with all those eggs??

She painted them. And they are freaking amazing.

Don't they look like those Easter egg gum balls? I've had to tell several people they aren't candy and to back away from these babies. I can't even imagine the time she spent doing these.

I wish I could've asked her about them, but sadly, she passed away and I found them in her room shortly after. She had them on toothpicks (probably made them easier to paint) so I clipped the toothpicks off and I display them in a sparkly nest.

They make me really happy and I know Evan thinks about her every time he sees them. 

This is a one of a kind collection from a one of a kind Grandma.

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