Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bathroom progress

My mom and I did start hanging pictures in the house, but it is hard because I am extremely picky and want everything to look perfect so I am taking my sweet time. The one room in the entire house that is starting to look good is the downstairs bathroom. Of course there are no wall hangings though!

(yes, that is clearly me, I am not good with photos.)

Can you see the paint color behind that giant mirror? It is "Mark Twain National Grey" or something like that from Valspar. I didn't know Mark Twain preferred a certain shade of grey, but I liked it and thought it was a good shade for the downstairs bathroom.

I finally found a mirror (actually my aunt sent me the craigslist link) to replace the sheet o' glass mirror, it is just a matter of hanging it up. I am kind of worried because it is heavy. But I love it.

I found this little corner shelf the other day at Relics. It is a little rough, and I originally got it for the kitchen to display cute dishes on it, but then found out that the vendor scotch taped the leg on. Liar! So I was a little leery to put my etched glasses on it. I think it works well in the bathroom though.

Oh yeah, that's the toilet and the shower. I love the shower curtain! My friend Morganne got it for us for our wedding. 

That is about it for the downstairs bathroom. Not much, but it is starting to come along little by little.

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