Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ya! Housewarming gift

Recently one of my dear friends, Emily, moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend.  She has been so excited about getting into the space and making it a home. So of course a housewarming gift was in order.  

This summer I have been filling my house to the brim with plants.  And what is better than a little plant as a housewarming gift?  

I've been obsessed with these little gold dishes from Target and bought them up every time I saw them because they make the perfect pots.  Sorry if you kept trying to buy them and they were out of stock, it was me.  Guilty.  Seriously so pretty and $5 bones.  The bad news is that I think Target already stopped carrying them.  Why do you do that Target?! 

I picked out a little plant to add to a dish and then topped it off with the tag.  To make the tag I took a striped straw, cut it in half and then glued a vintage layaway tag on either side.  I topped it off with YA! which really describes my excitement for her! 

Such a fun and easy housewarming gift!  

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