Monday, May 2, 2011


I have seen this wallpaper in several homes/apartments/lofts. And it is pretty amazing. But this is better, Katie and her boyfriend did this look entirely by hand, with (drum roll) sharpie! It looks so perfect in the hallway and they saved some serious cash. I think their version actually looks better than the wallpaper.

I also love that yellow chair in the picture. 

My dad surprised me by having our whole house painted. I am currently trapped in the bedroom for the next day or so, and then I will be trapped in the living room. He is also is having our cabinets painted white, which is huge for him. He is a true manly man who loves him some oak cabinets. I am pretty thankful to have an awesome dad, who is also a contractor!! High five for dads! I will post some pics when everything is done. I am really excited and slightly sick thanks to all the paint fumes. But it is totally worth it. Especially since the paint job will be better than anything I could do!

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