Monday, April 25, 2011

Nesting Mode

We have been in the new house a week today! I think we are still worn out judging from the 2-3 hour nap we took today. Everything is pretty much unpacked, but nothing is hung up because I need to paint. It's not like the colors in the house are awful, I just want the house to feel more like me. So, this weekend I went with one of my best friends,Lyndi, to get baby paint samples. We also ended up getting ferns, veggies, and succulents because Lowes is amazing. (I remember HATING that store when I was little!)

Let me just say that it's a good idea to paint swatches on your walls. Paint is weird. Paint will not always look like it does on those paper swatches. A lot of elements factor into paint color, like lighting, trim color, and floor color. I painted my samples next to our french doors which are trimmed in white and let a lot of natural light in. That way I can kind of imagine what the whole room will look like.

On a side note, that's another thing that I love about the new house, we have the option of a lot of natural light with our windows or track lights. :)

The colors on the right are the Valspar brand that I got from Lowes.  I liked a couple of colors, but they ended up having too much violet in them, not the manly gray that I want. So I drug Evan to Sherwin-Williams today after our epic nap and picked out two more colors (the two swatches on the left.) I think I've decided on the bottom left which is called "mindful gray" and is actually the line of Hgtv paints that they have. I know that the swatch on the top right looks a lot like it, but in person it has WAY more lavender in it.

Right now I am just waiting for my mom to come home so we can tackle this baby. I am really excited to see everything come together! Until then I guess I just get to enjoy this: 

Elton asked us if Casper (my mom's puppy) could stay the night. How can you say no to him?

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