Friday, April 8, 2011


Sorry for my lack of posting this week. Tuesday was spent picking Evan up from the airport and then running errands. On Wednesday we drove to Columbia because there was a show. I explored downtown Columbia while Evan tuned 4,394 guitars. Just kidding, it was like 8, but it seems like 4,394. I picked up a peter pan collar dress (finally!!) and some letter press cards. I also grabbed some bubble tea for me and a smoothie for Evan at this cute tea shop called Lollicup. I had to leave the husby in Columbia because he has a short 1 week tour with the guys. He gets back April 17th and we close April 18th on our house! So ready.

I have been looking at a lot of yard/planting ideas since we have a huge front porch and back porch at the new house. I am for sure going to do this. I mean come on, how cute is this?

The planters are actually made out of gutters. It's cheap and awesome, Im in. Hopefully Saturday I can locate my camera and take some pictures of one of my collections I have been wanting to share. It is a special one :)

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