Thursday, March 29, 2012

You know that feeling of looking forward to something on the calendar? Counting down the days, feeling the excitement build to where you think you could bust? I feel like this a lot. 

I get to see Evan this weekend and I am over the moon.  One thing I love about our marriage is that it always seems new.  We can't really get stuck in the motions because of his job.  When he is home I am always in a hurry to get home to see that guy.  When he is on tour I am counting down the months/weeks/days until he gets home or I get to come out and see him.

Then there are the days where I avoid the calendar because he is leaving.  That calendar is tricky. 


  1. I love your positive outlook on your marriage! :) Cute photos too!

  2. i totally understand. i miss caleb when he leaves the room lol. we've been together 2 years and i still can't get enough of him :)

  3. Thanks Lindsay! It's easy to be negative about him being gone, so I am trying to work on that more!

    Sarah-You're blogger name cracked me up! And that is good :) He is a great guy and you guys need to come around more often!

  4. lol i forgot i even had one but i think i just created one to comment on lyndis once and thats what she calls me so i went with it lol. and we deff need to hang more. caleb and i are looking for houses so house warming party will be happening in a few months!!

  5. this is sweet. love your outfit, especially those boots! ;]

    1. Thank you! They are really scuffed from wearing them so much. haha. Checked out your blog. So cute!