Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recently I did a little bit of thrifting and found some Readers Digest books for $2.50 a piece, which is a steal considering how pretty they are.  Books are the best for decorating.  They add height, interest or a pop of color to a vignette.  So if they are cheap and pretty, you know I am going to buy all of them.  Sadly there were only three.

My haul. 
Side note- I am completely obsessed with these John and Jackie Kennedy busts. I just want to look at them all the time. I can't explain it.


I checked Etsy and found some pretty good deals on them. Of course it's a bit more for shipping and handling, but not horrible.

Pattern and color! 

This listing price is for one book and you can choose the colors. They look fun stacked like this. If you are wanting to do the color coordinating thing for your book shelf, these are a good starting point.

These little ladies are from the 50's. The pastels/patterns are beyond beautiful. 

I am going to be forever searching for these now!  


  1. I found 18 if them at a yard sale for ten cents each. Eeeeeekkkk! You bet I bought every last one.