Sunday, August 26, 2012

Evan flew out on Friday for a weekend show in Colorado, so that of course means that I have been shopping online and looking at Pinterest way too much tonight. Then I saw this pin that my friend Lindsay posted.

They are called long distance pillows and light up when your loved one is sleeping and lets you hear their heartbeat. So of course after watching the video on them I cried. It is just so sweet. And of course they are just a prototype or I would've already ordered them.

He is due to leave for a big tour in October.  Needless to say I am getting spoiled having him home so much. These would come in handy when he leaves! Gosh that boy..


  1. Was that pin from meee? ;)
    Aren't those pillows awwesome? I can't imagine having to say goodbye all the time to Matt. You're a great wife! And If I had the monies I would totally buy these for you guys. ;)
    We'll be in our new house in 3 days! That means I am your best bud...especially in October when Evan is gone. I promise we are gonna hang out!

    1. Lindsay- yes that pin was from you! They are pretty darn sweet! Lets do a craft night soon? Maybe house related in celebration of your new home!