Tuesday, August 14, 2012

paper crane mobile

Today is my favorite kind of day. A little bit of lazy, a little bit of fall weather, a good visit from my cousin and a little project to help me not feel guilty for being lazy.

I remember crying in 6th grade when my teacher read 1,000 paper cranes. Ever since then I have had a fondness for them. I used to have a bunch hanging from the ceiling before I got married. 

Then the movie 500 Days of Summer came out and I remember being in love with this scene.

And I needed to make it. But I never did. 

Then I got mail from a sweet friend. When I opened the card a bunch of tiny paper cranes fell out of it.

It was a sign that I needed some paper cranes in my life. So I started folding. Well first I watched a video to jog my memory and then I started folding. I had some left over Japanese paper that I used, but I am sure scrapbook paper would work great too. 

Basically all you need are some cranes, a branch, fishing line, a pot, rocks to secure the limb and a needle. 

After you fold the cranes you just thread the needle with fishing line and then thread the line through each crane and tie them to the branch. I hung them at varying heights. You know, to spice it up a bit.

After that I stuck the mobile into the flower pot and filled it in with rocks. 

Easy peasy.

I made it on our front porch while Evan crept Craigslist for guitars. I love how a little breeze will make the paper cranes "fly". It turned out to be a really simple and beautiful project!


  1. That seriously turned out so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I love how simple it is to make too.

  2. I could make a paper crane in about a minute. I thought a mobile of paper cranes would be a colorful and simple addition to the baby room.pick and carry cranes