Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My sister and brother in law recently moved back to Springfield and my weekends seem to be fuller. In a really good way.

This weekend was full of haunted hay rides and craigslist deals. On Saturday night we went to a little farm for a hay ride with all of my little cousins. My aunt actually remembers taking me to that same one when I was little. So crazy! We then went to my parent's house for a cozy bonfire and s'mores. It was the perfect fall day.

And then on Sunday I picked up this bad boy.

And these too.

A danish modern table and 7 chairs for $150.  Kinda awesome right? 

I have been wanting a round kitchen table for a while. I actually had been eyeing something similar. The one we had just took up too much space and we never sat at it because it was a tall table. My aunt had sent me the link on Friday and I had thought about it all weekend and then finally made the call. 

Then I grabbed a friend and drove Evan's truck to pick up my score. The lady had originally said there where 5 chairs and when we got there she had found two more. whoo!

I am going to paint the table a colonial navy color just because the wood is too close in color to our wood floor in a bad way.

I've heard somewhere that you shouldn't paint furniture if it is over 50 years old. How do you guys feel about it? I am on the fence...But I really feel like navy when compliment the shape and keep the integrity of the table.

And then there are the chairs. Dang. So many. So beautiful, but I feel like pairing them with the table is a little too funky/retro for me. Plus they need reupholstered and refinished. That's a lot of work for something I am not so sure about. So we are craigslisting them. 

These are the chairs I am leaning towards. 


Haven't decided yet, but I am going to take my time. I could keep four of the chairs that came with the table and fix em up in the mean time. Maybe they will be done by Christmas! Ha.


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    1. I know! I still can't believe it! The shape is crazy awesome!

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  3. You totally scored! I have painted older furniture before...not a lot to tell you the best answer though. I guess it depends on the look you are going for. I would say if you sand and prime before, you're in good shape for it to stay. Takes a lot of work and time but it'll last longer and look nicer in the end! :)

    1. I am thinking about maybe just painting the top now. The base is beautiful wood, but the top is laminate and looks bleh. Haven't ever painted laminate though...makes me nervous!