Monday, August 25, 2014

Vintage Rattan Chairs

My relationship with Craigslist is casual.  In the sense that I love Craig, but I don't commit to him in the way that he needs and deserves.  So when I saw these rattan chairs late one night, it was hard to sleep.  I mean, I contemplated texting the seller at 2 am because I couldn't stand not knowing if they were sold.  Now I know what Beyonce means when she sings "Crazy in Love".

Because I am feeling so crazy in love with these chairs.  Did I mention they are in almost mint condition? And that the seller went down from $90 to $75 for the pair?! In other words, I feel unworthy of the awesome that these guys bring to our living room.

I have been really struggling with pulling the trigger on a pair of chairs.  Like over a year.  I mean, chairs are hard.  New ones are incredibly expensive and vintage ones just involve a lot of footwork.   I needed something airy and light, with minimum upholstery because our living room/dining room/kitchen is an open floor plan. So these fit the bill in the best way.  They make the space look curated and interesting without feeling overly heavy.  They are also so comfortable. I know, right?!

Now all they need are super amazing pillows and another sheepskin.  Which leads me to make a mental note that when Ikea KC opens I should buy at the very least, 17-36 sheepskins. You never know, ya know?

I also vow to recommit to Craig.  I feel like this is his way of saying that I need to stop flirting with him and check in on a regular basis.


  1. please don't buy that many furs...

    if anything, we can shave elton to get one

    1. I will take your suggestions into consideration...But no promises!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I still can't believe I found them!