Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Green

I've talked about my parent's small farm before and how it is little slice of paradise.  Right now it's especially beautiful. It's as alive as it will ever be before the dog days of summer come and gobble up all of the green.  This year we've eaten raspberries, grapes, strawberries, and blackberries that my mom has picked.  She actually came over one morning and I woke up to find her baking a blackberry cobbler. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT?! SHE IS THE BEST.

They recently added chickens and ducks to the mix, and they are ridiculious.  The ducks refuse to go towards the water and they just want to hang out with the chickens at all times.  They were raised together, so I am guessing they think they are said chickens.

Another thing I love about the farm is my mom's oriental wisteria.  She has had it for around 8 years and it had yet to bloom. Two years ago, she was about to cut it down when it burst into these brilliant flowers. I think she said they only lasted for a couple of days, but the blooms were so beautiful that she said it was worth the 8 years of waiting.  I just love that story.  Some things take a long time, but are so worth it.

I guess I could apply that story to the sun hat that I am wearing as well? I bought it a year ago and lost it.  I looked high and low for it, finally thinking it was gone forever. Then while we were cleaning out our garage, I opened up a trunk and there she be! Not quite the same as waiting 8 years, but you get what I am putting down?

Wishing you guys a wonderful weekend! One that is full of ducks, blackberries, and small slices of paradise.

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