Monday, September 22, 2014

Master Bathroom Update

Something super pretty and hip and modern and amazing happened to our master bathroom on Friday! Phase two of our bathroom redo (ultra scary and embarrassing before photos here) is finished and I have been raising the roof all weekend.  I knew I wanted an accent wall of some sort and am so happy I decided (when I say I it means Evan was like "sure") to go with this awesome pergo flooring in Orchard Plum from Lowes.

I ended up ordering two mirrors from West Elm and love how they fill up the space. Not to mention that whole awkward area is now completely functional. As in I am putting my makeup on in front of it because I can actually get close enough to see!  Also, if you are building a house or needing to replace your mirrors, please order these.  I can't brag enough about how heavy and well made these are.  Before they were hung I made everyone try and lift them while saying "AREN'T THESE SO SOLID?" I apologize for my actions, friends. Oh and you can't beat the price.

One thing I wasn't really anticipating was the height that the wood wall added to the room.  The ceiling feels like it was lifted 2'.  I really dig the grain and color of the wood. It feels very modern hotel meets simple nature girl.  Which was my nickname in high school. So what's next? Why I have this cool little diagram for you.

My main focus is on what color to paint the base cabinet.  Originally I thought about staining it, but I am thinking that painting it is the way to go.  I keep going back and forth between white, black, and dark grey.  What do you guys think?

Then of course I need to change the terrible strobe lighting. I have a hunch that they didn't center the light above the sink, so I am really going to have to figure that little joy out.  That being said! The bathroom is SO much better to brush your teeth in now. The wood accent wall turned out amazing and I couldn't love the direction this whole thing is headed any more.  So basically what I am trying to say is come over and brush your teeth in my bathroom. :) Happy Monday!


  1. This is so pretty! Go with dark grey for the cabinets, black would be to harsh against the warmth of the wood.

    1. That is true! And dark grey works for me since I already have the paint! haha ;)

  2. Love this so much! My first thought was that I would paint the cabinets dark grey. Since I adore your style, I'm giving myself a pat on the back that we are on the same design wave. It's the little things that make me happy.