Monday, September 15, 2014

California Recap

Since this trip turned into something a little unexpected, we were able to rent a car and drive all around California which was absolutely beautiful.  We devoted one day to the beach where we drove through the mountains, stopping whenever we felt like it to take pictures and soak up the view.  I was totally devoted to swimming until I stuck my feet in the water. It was freezing. So, the rest of the day was spent chasing the tide and trying not to fall. 

While Evan was in rehearsals, I was able to spend a lot of time with my cousin Mattie who lives there.  We walked around the Venice Canals which is this neighborhood of amazing houses that face a series of canals.  Can you imagine waking up and drinking your coffee on your rowboat? I mean...This is what life is for! We went back at night with Evan and it was even better.  Twinkle lights everywhere, people sitting on their back porch with their living room doors thrown open talking about their art shows.  It was all very romantic.  

I had the best diner coffee of my life at a retro place called Franks Restaurant. It was this wonderful midcentury style place with deep tufted leather booths. They just happened to be closing early because they were filming a movie inside. Our sweet waitress told us that they filmed "Gone Girl" there.  I actually just finished the book and was excited for the movie, but now I am even more stoked to spot our little place.  I hope they sat in the same booth that we did!

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  1. ACK!!!! That's super fun to know! I'll keep my eyes peeled too!