Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lyndi's Bridal Shower-Part II The Decor


So I am going to be honest about the fact that I was really sad to take down all the decor at the end of the night.  I just wanted to eat breakfast for a week at these tables.  You know, start your day out with an awesome party.  

As I had mentioned before the bridal shower was book & flower themed.  We also threw in gold, copper, and silver accents just to jazz it up even more.  For the tables, we just placed two long ones together to create "cafeteria style" seating.  I really liked how this turned out because it allowed for everyone to get to know eachother if they didn't already. I had already made those oragami flowers weeks prior (time consuming, but so awesome) and we layered those, real flowers, confetti, sewn book garland, books, and anything else that tickled our fancy on the tables.  I really like a collected feeling, so flowers were put in egg cups and vases of different sizes and color to make it interesting.  

For the dessert table, we actually moved my tv and placed a table over the media console! The wallpaper served as a great backdrop and we just added those book mobiles and book garland.

The flowers were probably my favorite part.  The purplish greenery was just so freaking cool.  Someone actually googled what it was and it is a member of the thistle family!  I'm sure all the farmers that read this blog (a lot, I'm sure) just fainted.  THISTLES!  We used them along with other greenery and carnations in the floral crowns, which were super easy to make and so pretty.  Also shout out to my mom, who stayed two nights in a row to help me and Morganne.  She is like the party queen.  Her nickname is Hott Donna, if that tells you anything.

It was such a fun and beautiful day full of laughter and good food. And most importantly a day dedicated to celebrating our girl's new chapter in her life. Congrats Lyndi!


  1. Seriously the cutest and prettiest shower I've seen in a looong time, if not ever! So beautiful Casey!

  2. You are too sweet! Thanks Lindsay! It was a lot of fun to throw.

  3. That was such a beautifully decorated party. I would have hated to take down the decor too.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a lot if fun!