Monday, February 17, 2014

One thing that I love about our house is all the light.  It's not direct light thanks to our porch so things don't get too overwhelming and bright.  As soon as I wake up I throw open all the curtains and let it stream in. Then I dance through the house with my arms open and sing a morning song.  It's really dramatic.  If we didn't live right in the middle of the city I would skip window treatments all together, but I'd rather not meet a peeping tom.  

This weekend was spent making tons of decorations for my best friend's bridal shower that is happening this weekend.  Evan had his first show in Canada and I went shopping with my sister, brother in law and Noa.  Her smile just melts you. I also ate heart shaped pizza and watched a movie with my aunt and little cousins on Valentine's Day.  She decorated the table and had Valentines in everyone's place.  My mom and aunt have been doing this kind of stuff forever.  They are ridiculously creative.  It pours out of them and they can't stop, won't stop.  (that was for you Evan)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!    

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