Friday, January 25, 2013

Love Notes

I've been finding these sweet notes around the house since Evan left for tour yesterday.  That boy! He will be gone around 2 months this time, so I plan on leaving these babies up for a while.  It makes me happy when I come downstairs and see those little pink post its.

On a side note, the oil can on my window has a funny story.  When I was little my mom had one in the exact same spot.  She told me the Tin Man stopped by her window every so often for oil.  She gave me one just like hers for Christmas last year and it is still my favorite present ever.  I can't wait to tell our children that story someday. 

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!  I am ready to fast forward to Saturday because we have my sister's gender reveal party.  I am beyond excited to be an aunt!!!


  1. What a sweet, sentimental gift. LOVE! Great story to pass down.

    And a sweet mister too.

    1. I am a pretty lucky gal! I love that tin can so much. I always think of my mom when I look at it.