Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arrow Patch DIY

I love the elbow patches that have been popping up everywhere lately and have been wanting to stitch some on my own cardigans.  Instead of a circle patch I thought that arrows would look cute.  I've been digging arrows lately.  Maybe because it is almost Valentine's Day?

Supplies: Felt, scissors, pins, paper, and a cardigan.

First, sketch an arrow onto the paper and cut it out for your template.  You could look up an arrow image on google if you don't want to draw it out.

Pin your arrow template onto the felt and then cut it out.  

Choose the spot where you want your arrow to be and then pin it on.  I tried on my cardigan and looked at the placement in the mirror.  I just stuck a piece of washi tape in the location and then pinned the arrow in that spot.

Then you just sew your arrows on! Super easy! 

I love that it gives an unexpected touch to a typical striped cardigan. I'm off to find things I can sew arrows onto! 


  1. Ohhhhh cute! I want some hearts on my elbows!

    1. Seriously so easy to do! The only thing time consuming is stitching them on. You could do that during The Bachelor :)