Monday, May 5, 2014

Bad Blog Mom

Life has been jam-packed lately.  In between my best friend getting married, visiting Evan on tour, and finishing up my senior show and just school in general this blog has been hard core neglected.  Neglected like I forgot to pick it up at school and only remembered it when I was at home. Poor guy.  Now that school is winding down (2 more weeks until graduation!) I promise not to sit in front of the tv like a zombie and watch Flipping Out.  I swear.  It's over Jeff.

So stay tuned! I just ordered a faucet for my master bathroom so things are about to get 100 times prettier. I'm thinking white penny tile and giant round mirrors.

*Also I was lying about it being over with Jeff from Flipping Out.  I can't quit him, but I can dvr!

1 comment:

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