Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Crow Wreath

Decorating for Halloween has always been high on my list. I am an October baby (actually tomorrow is my birthday!) and so it's near and dear to my heart. And although I love decorating for Halloween, I never seem to find the right wreath for our door.

That and birds seem to love to build nests in them. Hey guys, can you stop that? Thanks in advance.

Enter this Crow Origami Wreath. It feels a little creepy, and a little modern. So I am down with it all Halloween long. *Also side note, did you know that the comma after and (like- and, blah blah) is called the Oxford comma? I guess a lot of people get super fired up about it because some feel like it's not needed. I always use it because I love the controversy. So welcome to my controversial blog! Actually I just use it because I've always used it. So...

Crow Wreath!

 Supplies, yo.
-Black Ribbon
-White Ribbon
-Floral Picks
-Hot Glue
-Styrofoam Wreath
-Black Paper

I had the floral picks already, but I would say that overall this costs about $15! Which is a steal, I tell you!

I spray painted my wreath before wrapping it with ribbon, just in case something a little white peaked through. But that is totally optional.  All you do is wrap the ribbon around the form while securing it with hot glue.

 I did the same thing with the white ribbon, but spaced it out to get the stripes. You can totally opt out of the white ribbon if you are just going for coverage. I just wanted it to have a little more of a modern look.

Fold yo cranes, or in this case crows! I followed this video to refresh my memory and then just folded them while watching Vampire Diaries and other ridiculous tv shows. This can be a little time consuming, but by breaking it up it doesn't seem so bad. Plus, who doesn't love origami?!

After you have your cranes folded, you can stick the floral picks in them. These are metal so they stab through the paper relatively easy. Then place your cranes on the wreath. Every so often, I would hang my wreath on a door and stand back to make sure I was filling in all the gaps. Leave a small space at the top so you can finish it off with a ribbon to hang it.

There ya go! I would suggest keeping this bad boy inside if you don't have a covered entrance.  I'm in the process of making another one because of our whole french door situation. That and I really do have a thing for origami. Happy folding!


  1. Kinda creepy from a distance, like spider legs, but I like it! Love your Kentucky stack!

  2. Loving everything about the entrance to your home. Beautiful!

  3. Happy birthday. And love live the Oxford comma!!!!!

    Love the wreath. LOVE the mint green door!

    1. Thank you! And I am so glad you love the oxford comma!! I just can't/won't quit it!