Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY String Wrap Planter

This is kind of my favorite thing I've made in a while. Cheap and so easy! Just how I like my diy and my men.  Well by men I mean Evan.
 Again with the plants.  I'm sorry guys, they just are my jam right now.

I bought these planters a couple of years ago from the Target $1 section.  They were originally yellow, but didn't work with anything I had so I thought I'd just spray paint them for a quick facelift.  

They looked ok, but were just kind of boring.  So I started experimenting with different things to jazz up the planters.  Which is how the string planter happened.

All you need are 2 different kinds of spray paint, a planter, medium sized string, and tape.

First spray your planter one base color.  I chose gold because I wanted a metallic finish that showed up really well.  

Next, wrap the string around the planter.  Try to make the design interesting.  Cross over certain areas, make other areas thicker and thinner, things like that.  Tape the top of your string down in the opening so it will be easy to take off. 

Now, spray paint the planter again and let it dry for an hour.  After dry unwrap your planter and give yourself a high five.  Because you are awesome.

I was actually really surprised how cool this little project turned out.  Maybe because I thought that it wouldn't really work so I wasn't invested in it?  No pressure for success.

This guy is sitting on my guest room night stand right now.  I can't believe it was once green!  

 The planter will probably move around the house though because I want to see it all the time.  Do you guys do that?  I feel like I just put all of my favorite things in my living room so they can be seen daily.

I can't wait to try out other mediums for planters.  It's fun to just experiment and see what happens.  I guess that is the beauty of diy!

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