Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Furniture: a love story

I found this little green nightstand a couple of months ago on Craigslist for $20.  I loved the little nook for books and thought it would be perfect for the guest room.

The only thing I didn't love was the color.  No offense to those green lovers out there, obviously I have a green bed spread in the guest room, but I have found myself leaning towards a more modern look.  The bed spread will change. Don't tell Evan!

I waited for a sunny day and then convinced my manly man to power sand this little cutie. The plan was a fresh coat of white paint. While he power sanded I found a stamp on the inside drawer.

I googled the name and found out that Harmony House was a brand from Sears that existed from 1940-1968.  The brand was an interior decorating scheme that used colors that could be coordinated with each other.  Customers were provided a color wheel that was supplied in the catalog.  The whole home could be furnished according to colors.

What is kind of fun is that we were just learning about the Sears catalog in school and I didn't even know I had something from the catalog in my own home! I have always loved the Sear's Homes and find the whole idea of ordering a home through a catalog so fascinating. 

After I found out what the stamp meant, the game changed for the nightstand and I wanted to restore the entire night stand.  Then I realized that it required a lot of sanding and would be really hard to get in the cute nook.  So this is what we came up with!

Evan sanded the top and the drawer and then I stained it.  I really love how it turned out!  I wish I knew what it originally looked like and what year it was made, but am happy with the result. 

I really love old furniture.  It is fun when you have a house full of pieces that have some kind of story. 

Our coffee table is an old rail road cart that our friend Blake restored.  I don't know how many times I told him I would pay double for it.   Eventually I gave up.  
The night Evan and I opened up our wedding gifts there was a card from Blake and his brother Kyle.  In the card was a picture of the cart saying it was ours.  I cried. It was so sweet and I will love it forever.  Whenever I see it I always think of our dear friends.

I guess I have a really intense love for furniture. I think it is in my blood. I am happy to add a new story to my home! Do you have a piece of furniture that has a story? I would love to hear it!!


  1. My current dresser was my grandmothers, i remember, when i would come stay with her every summer and sometimes when i was sick, id climb up on the chair she had against it and play with the trinkets she had on top. i'd dig through what drawers i could reach and investigate. i still remember most of the fun things she had the top decorated with. she was a trinket pack-rat (much like mrs bovee bird ;) ) and we got rid of a lot of things that she had when we moved her to a home many years ago. i didn't think anything of it until she passed this january. i wish so badly id saved everything. i still have a lot of her things tucked away but mom wouldn't let us keep everything. some day, when i can afford my own, sturdy dresser, i may turn it into a bench, like I've seen on pinterest. the handles are beautiful on it and its shape is classic. ill have to search for the brand and see what its history is. i still have in the padded plastic yellow flower lining she put in the drawers :)

    its funny how little inanimate things that matter and are important to us change when loved ones pass. id give thousands to have the old fashion balance she had centered on the dresser. and millions to have another hour with her to find random things to balance like we did when i was a kid. love you gramma ree.

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    1. You made me cry!! I love that it still has the lining that she put in. So sweet. I love being surrounded by things that mean something or have a story. It makes a house into a home. :)