Monday, February 11, 2013

Umba Box Review

I signed up for Umba Box last month and couldn't wait for my first package of handmade goodies to arrive.  Last Thursday, after a 13 hour work/school day, I found the little box on my porch. Good timing! I couldn't wait to see what came!

What I really love is that they include cards that talk about each artist and their business. This month there was a cute little deer necklace, a watercolor print of rain boots, and owl cards. I am so happy with everything! I especially love the watercolor because I am a sucker for art and I've already worn the deer necklace twice. So I'd say it is a win!   It is so much fun to get handmade surprises in the mail.  I am for sure hooked.


  1. This is fun! I haven't heard of Umba!

    1. It's pretty fun! If you love handmade or Etsy it's worth it!