Friday, January 13, 2012

Felted garland in a snap!

I love how felted garland can add a pop of color to your home. It's really easy to make too!

Here's what you need: wool roving (I found mine at Michaels), a needle, bakers twine, paper towels, soap and water.  One package of wool roving makes around 50 beads, depending on the size of bead you are making.

1. Fill your bowl up with hot water and dish soap. You want a lot of soap because that's what binds the felt.  Grab a little bit of wool roving and then dip half of it in the soapy water.

2. Start to roll the wool roving in your hand forming a ball. I noticed that the soapier my hands were the easier it was to shape it into a ball.  If you get spaces you can take a small amount of roving, dip it in water, and cover the space.  

3.  Tada! Place the ball on a paper towel and repeat the above steps.  It is really easy, but takes some time. I made mine at the coffee table while watching a movie.  

4.  Let the beads dry over night.

5.  After the beads are dry, you can tread them on the bakers twine.  I left spaces in between each bead, but you can place them close together.

It can be fun to decorate for a birthday, give as a gift, or just leave up year around!
 Hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are on our way to Joplin tonight, we have some extreme celebrating to do with the most wonderful people.

diy adapted from here



  1. I love this so much!



    1. Thank you! It's a fun way to spend the evening!