Sunday, September 18, 2011

Diagnosing myself

Here's a secret...Ready?

I. love. gray

Every room in my house is a different color of gray. Ask Evan how many times a day I tell him I want a gray sofa.  I was in the fabric store today and I was this close to buying gray chevron fabric to recover a chair. I've got the sickness. If I fed into my addiction too much then my house would feel like there wasn't any depth or richness to it. I guess it would just be um gray?

Case and point. Gray tights and gray cardigan.

This is why I love the show Secrets from a Stylist. Emily decorates in "layers." First, she has the client go through a series of tests to determine their "style" and then diagnoses them.  The diagnosis names are always clever, something like Manchic industrial. She is hilarious and too cute and I love the concept of the show.

As of lately I have been attempting to layer my own home. Since I don't have Emily knocking on my anytime soon I have tried to diagnose myself. Basically I just looked at images from my inspiration folders and then picked out similarities and differences. .

So this is what I've noticed. I am a modern girl at heart. I like white/gray with clean lines and a pop of color. BUT I love antique elements like iron, oil paintings, and chandeliers. I like a little bit of nature too, such as rough woods and antlers.  So what is my diagnostic? Rustic Moderntique. That's the best I've got guys. If you have any other names send em my way.

Now that I've diagnosed myself I am trying to layer my house accordingly.  I have the modern part down, and now I am looking for things to layer with, like great wood pieces and oil paintings. So far I've found this guy. (please forgive the picture, it was just a quick snap.)

It's actually pretty fun to diagnose yourself. Plus it gives you things to hunt for if you are into thrifting. I will keep you guys posted on how my little journey goes. How would you diagnose yourself?

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