Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have been a bad blogger. I'm sorry! I am glad that we can get past these things. A couple of weeks ago I threw my friend Ashley a bridal shower with the help of some lovely ladies.

I am lucky enough to be married to an expert Fedexer so he helped measure and cut the invitations to the right size. I ordered them from Sweet Bee Design off of Etsy. I love her invitation designs!

So after I sent the invites it was time for the fun part. I made a bunch of pom poms and with the help up my friend Lyndi and the hubs we made an awesome pom pom chandelier that is still hanging up above my table. I think it's going to stay there until we get a real light.

The labels for the food were made with stickers and vintage library cards that I found on Etsy. 

For prizes I put gift cards in a glass jar and added glitter, confetti, and water. Instant globe! I found the idea via Pinterest.  This is the only way I am going to give gift cards now, I am obsessed!

For party favors I potted little Succulents in glass votives. 

We made mini fruit pizzas (the bride's favorite) my aunt made her famous lemon cake and Lyndi made teal macaroons. So good. 

We also had cherry limeaid. 

Here's a picture of part of the set up, we had the cherry limeade stand on a vintage kitchen roller and then other food made by Raeshel and Mandy on the left.

It was so much fun. I also put Evan's grandma's bike out in the front and attached balloons and flowers to it. I wish I would've gotten a picture. I should just recreate it! It was a lot of work but I had some amazing help. 

After the party part was over we had the boys over and had smores, swimming and yard games.  

I plan on working on the house this Sunday. I have some dressers to paint, but it's been too darn hot. That may just be a fall project.


  1. :)as long as I have you sugar plum!

  2. Love the gift card idea!! The whole thing turned out so cute! Why did you get all of the creative genes?!!