Monday, July 28, 2014

Master Bathroom Redo

Behold! Our master bathroom is an eyesore. I can hide it no more. It's been like this since we've moved in. Hideous. Neglected. Our very ugly, bathroom duckling.

I always hated when people would run up to use our bathroom.  Oh, the downstairs bathroom is occupied?! Cut to me embarrassingly cleaning and apologizing for it's creepy gross feeling.

So I am sorry to all my friends and family. Seriously, I am sorry... Let's bathroom shame me some more with those before photos we all know and love.

 Toothpaste on the mirror? Check. Really beautiful outfit that deserves it's own blog post? Check.  Really bad paint color picked by yours truly 4 years ago? Check.

I've got plans for this little beasty.  The first step happened today when that old gross green laminate top met it's demise and a fresh, oh so clean, white marble top replaced it.

Here's the plan for this little dream boat.

1. Paint--I just really like a crisp, white bathroom. Not only that, but this space is small and the dark grey makes it feel smaller. 

2. Vanity--I decided to keep the existing vanity because A. it's in great shape. B. the space in the bathroom is a little awkward city so it actually works really well. C. if we did replace it we would lose out on so much storage.  I am thinking of either staining the wood darker or painting it. But I haven't really decided yet.

3. Mirror/Wall-- The plan is to install two round mirrors. Possibly with a medicine cabinet? That would allow me to do my makeup on the right while Evan stands in front of the other mirror and plays guitar. Because this is my reality. He will stand right in front of me while I am getting ready and play. So I need to accommodate him...And my sanity. It sounds like a good plan.

We are going to do some kind of accent wall. Maybe completely tile? Maybe a really sleek, modern wood? 

4. Lighting--I want to for sure put some can lights in and then maybe sconces in between the mirrors? The fluorescent light kills me. We have it downstairs too, so they both will get tackled at the same time. 

5. Tile- For sure the floor. I would love to go all the way up to the ceiling, but we will see what happens...

I am so glad the ball is rolling on this project! The marble top has already brightened the space so much. I love a really dramatic before and after reveal. But, this time around, I really wanted to show the step by step progress.  Do you guys like the step by step better than just a before and after? I would love your feedback! Plus I still haven't revealed our downstairs bathroom because I still have to pick out art and lighting for it. Sheesh!

P.S. How do you organize your makeup and hair stuff? One huge goal of mine is to get that stuff off of the counter. How do you deal with all your girly thangz?!?


  1. I have a medicine cabinet that I keep all my things in! Always out of sight!

    And I want to see the marble NOW!!!!!!!!

    1. I would love to have all that out of site for sure! And very soon! I swear!