Friday, December 6, 2013

Let it Fake Snow

This year I saw a fun photo on Pinterest with fake snow and knew that we had to do something like that for our Christmas cards this year.  It is SO hard to take photos with Evan around the holidays because he is usually doing fly out shows and isn't done with work until closer to Christmas.  We had a window of opportunity before Thanksgiving to take the pictures, so I bought the fake snow and had our best friends take the pictures.  Kyle threw the snow on us while Lyndi snapped away.  It was hilarious.   We are so lucky to have those two in our lives.     

Friends that climb on their cars to throw fake snow on you are keepers.   I am so excited to wrap up school next week.  I only have one semester left!  Hope you all are staying warm.  Ironically we are in the middle of a huge snowstorm while I talk about fake snow.  I have a mechanical engineering final on Saturday and there is a rumor that if it gets cancelled we don't have to make it up. Crossing my fingers for more!

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