Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway

I have been wanting to go to Crystal Bridges for a long time, so on Saturday we hopped in the car for a little day trip.  We were a little bit confused after Apple Maps routed us down two gravel roads and then proclaimed we had reached our destination which was actually a farm for sale.  But after realizing it was just a glitch (or a hint that we should buy a farm?!) we made it there in one piece. And let me tell you...

So completely beautiful! The printmaking exhibit was my favorite. 

 Well actually, my very favorite was the architecture.  This girl goes crazy for steel and concrete (I actually was in a concrete class where I poured concrete the whole semester but that's another story...) I love art, but architecture wins my heart every time. I mean the stairs were even beautiful. On top of that, throw in the natural setting and gardens and you are literally surrounded by beauty on all sides.  

We are already planning a spring visit to walk the trails and see the gardens in full bloom.  And maybe visit the Native American history museum while we are there...get in touch with my roots?

If you are anywhere close to Crystal Bridges go! You get to see an original Warhol up close, well actually not too close, you've got to stay behind the tape but still... Warhol! You will leave feeling inspired. What a treat for the midwest! 

Happy Monday!


  1. I have been aching to go to Crystal Bridges! I live quite close but haven't made it out there yet. I just read in your About section that you live in Missouri--I didn't realize that! I am in Springfield, Mo. We are sort of neighbors. :)

    1. Hannah- We are super neighbors! I am in Springfield as well! Small world. :) It's a little bit of a drive, but well worth it!

  2. Oh snappity snap. I haven't even seen pictures of this place, what a lame art teacher I am. :( I need to plan a field trip but those are all booked for eons.

    1. Kate- Lets go when school is over! It would be fun to go with an art teacher. I would feel really cool and probably ask you 100 questions. haha