Monday, May 7, 2012

Cork planter Diy

Over the past few months, Evan has been making changes to his band room/office.  I finally talked him into replacing his bachelor desk with a vintage one from Funtiques.  Now it's on to the rest of the room.  I noticed the other day that he needed some fun accessories for the desk, so I whipped up this office friendly cork planter!

All you need is cork drawer liner, a planter or vase, potting soil, rocks for draining, and a plant of your choice.

First, roll out the amount of cork liner you need to cover your planter.  I added a little bit extra just in case.  

After you have cut the amount you need then just remove the backing and slowly roll the planter onto the cork liner.  Repeat the above steps, you want to make it a little thicker so a push pin will go in. 

Remove excess material and then trim and tuck the remanding.

Now you are ready to plant!  Make sure and put rocks in the bottom of the planter which allows the water to drain.  

Fun and and easy! I like that it brings a little green into the room but also provides a fun way to display reminders or pictures.

Now if only I could talk him into painting the room! He mentioned something the other day about it, so fingers crossed!


  1. such a fun idea! and that little drawing is adorable.

    1. Thanks lady! I made that for Evan for Valentine's Day this year. It was my first try at watercolors. Pretty fun.