Thursday, December 15, 2011

I finished my last final today and was over the moon about it. I woke Evan up (who wasn't too happy) and we picked our date which was "take Elton to the park."

It was cold. Geese are also hateful animals. But we had fun.

Elton enjoyed himself too. 

It feels great to be done with school for this semester. I love interior design, but I am ready to enjoy a much needed break from studying. I keep thinking of things I want to do right before I go to sleep and it is driving me crazy! Does this ever happen to you? I think I need to keep a pen and notepad on my nightstand! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! For those who are finally on break have extra fun!


  1. Yes, geese are crazy mean. Trying to feed them is scary...they will chase. you.down. eek!
    I have the same problem sometimes before I go to bed. I will think of a million things I need to do. I think it shows how busy we really are...that all of our "need to do" thoughts hit us at night before bed, when our minds have room to tell us. If you have a smart phone, there are "notepad" apps you can get for free to make "to do" lists. That way your lists are always with you! :)

  2. Cute little family. Sequiota park? :)

  3. Lindsay- I never even thought about my notes app! I will have to actually use this now! hah :)

    Lesley- Thank you so much! Your family is pretty dang cute too! Yep! It was a short visit, I think the joggers were annoyed by us! haha :)